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Siege of Rogaland [RP]
« on: 03 March, 2017, 08:44:08 PM »
Battle report :

The month of March started out with violence in the North again. Unhappy population of the small province of Rogaland, started a riot for independence! Took up the arms to fight against their Scottish leaders, as they slayed the weak ruler of the village and claimed it for their own. From there, they started couple of chain attacks on their neighborhoods, which still were loyal to Scotland, made alot of ambush over the roads and killed travelers and traders from different nations. Yet, revolution itself was a big crime in the eye of Scotland nobles and regent, thus an order was sent, from Lothian to different capitals, such as Ostergot-land, Brugge and Sjaelland and soon a combined army of different nations were formed up at the borders of Rogaland, to bring justice upon the fool rebels and bring peace to the land, but ofcourse a peace purely made out of fear.

The armies formed up and made their moves towards the main village of Rogaland, where it was the heart of riot, roots of revolution was growing in the hearts and the mind of those people, and this army was going there to burn it. On their paths to the village, the main army faced some troubles, such as the rebels scouts and small traps in their way, yet after a long march, the first sight of village became clear in their visions. There wasn't much time to rest, thus the army was tired. The enemy of Scotland had bigger numbers, though they were mostly simple peasents . . . or atleast what most of combined army thought.

One of the armies which had the smallest number in there, belonged to Sweden. The proud Swedish King, Harald Magnusson, brought a smalll number of men alongside himself, the reason maybe the short amount of time they had to prepare. The village was built over snowy mountain, at the time of the siege, it was sunny with not much of snow falling over the ground. The village had different entrance from different directions, yet most of them were protected with thick layer of soldiers. The main army dived into different smaller ones which would attack entrances and work their way towards the center part of village, where they will meet and bring an end to this riot.

Simple plan, yet one would know, a long hard battle would happen to reach this task. The western entrance had the most widest entrance out of four, which main army would attack from there while eastern entrance had a path to the mountains and was pretty thick, which was maybe best path for the vikings!

"Well here we are brothers, lets crush their skulls and drink from them!" And there he was, a gigantic figure between the vikings, standing in first line, while having a horned helmet over his head hiding his ugly face away, long beards, over shoulder's having a bear skin which was covering his back, his chest without any form of protection, red marks painted over it. A long Dane axe in his hands, the warrior was listening to speech of King Harald.

It's been months since Balder had tasted any blood, this battle was going to be a test for his strength and courage, the man spent all of his time in past months in training grounds, passing his limits many times, getting a better warrior. His heart was beating pretty fast, the boiling blood was rushing through his veins, he was breathing like a hungry wolf staring at his prey.

As the words of King came to an end, couple of soldiers over the various part of the army, brought out their big horns and placed them over the mouth, blown with force inside them. Soon the call of the vikings horn would fill the space, a loud roar coming from the dragons of the north! Sound of the horns would make any viking in the closeby to get pretty pumped up, afterall it was a call for a feast! Soon the King himself would let out a warcry and point it's sword towards the enemy, and that would be the signal everyone were waiting to see.
Raising his axe in the air with both hands, Balder would let out a loud warcry shouting out


And soon with that, he would charge towards the enemy, and after him the rest of the army would run. There were no horse between them, they all were vikings, warriors which fight on their foot! Soon both lines of warriors clash to eachother, and with that the battle started out. It was a thick line of soldiers fighting eachother, but Balder big axe helped them to clean it slowly without much problem, soon they got the fight into the streets and soon spread to the most of the village. In any house there was two or three vikings fighting scottish rebels.

But Balder kept his fight in the streets, as he gained more space, he found his first real enemy to fight. Other peasents were minions but this one was different, it had a gigantic figure indeed! It was same size of Balder, carrying a mace as his weapon. Walking in a circle, both stared at eachother for couple of seconds, seems these weren't normal peasents fighting with sticks.

The fight would start out as Balder would swing his axe around and wound the native warrior left arm with it, there he found it, this man had the force but not the speed, as he faced multipie attacks and dodged them pretty easily. And that was it, Balder was faster than this man and that was his way to victory of this fight. The fight kept going on, sounds of metal clashing against eachother and men being slain in the battle kind of fade in the background of Balder's mind, he only could hear his own breaths, he was putting all of his attention on this man for now.

It was actually an easy fight for him, raising his axe in the sky, Balder would bring it down with force upon the man's head. Man raised his left hand to block the axe yet it wasn't going to change anything, soon the axe would cut through the flesh and the bone of the arm and pass it to reach to the thick skull, spliting it open!

Taking his axe out of the skull, Balder would let out another loud warcry, raising his axe in the air. It was a good victory for their small force, but that wouldn't last long as more rebels start to come into their way. A long battle was going on to earn the victory!

(RIP) Kyle Graham

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Re: Siege of Rogaland [RP]
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Nicely done!