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Sermons and Homilies of the Summus Pontifex
« on: 19 February, 2017, 06:59:57 AM »

Your Emminences The Cardinals of omnipotent Theos' Ancient Faith,
Your Excellencies The Bishops of Immanuelle's Sacred Words,
Your Reverences and Graces The Priests and chosen shepherds of The Logos
My faithful and therefore much beloved sons and daughters across the known world!

Hear The Word Of The Lord Teos, Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth, given this day from the Holy See of the Coryphai, Blessed Saint Rocco, who was and is the Vicar on earth of Our Living Savior, Immanuelle.

  Blessings and Greetings from the Summus Pontifex, myself, Alexander VII. I have enjoyed a great many of your personal messages to me here in Rome! Wherever possible I have tried to respond as quickly as matters of this world permit. The Holy See is uplifted by your active lives among the fellow citizens of your kingdoms and is rejoices to know that each of you are Teos loving hands on this world. Your works while they are full, your prayers while they are clasped, and your love when they are open and giving makes this office and yourselves shine.

  In many cases it has become the condition that I know more about the needs of your brothers and sisters in the True Faith from you than I do from your righteous protectors who rule those fields and flocks of the followers of Immanuelle's teachings. The Chancellors and Monarchs of your kingdoms are hesitant to ask for our aide and that is at once right and honorable, as it is their office. I simply want to remind them that they are not alone in service to their flock. They are watching out for the lives and property of the church and their subjects though so I wish that we heard from them more. The Holy See will always support any who have shown us and the church  True Faith and Love and have shared with the community of the church in the rewards of their faith, the divine benevolences. I cannot answer requests never made however, so please remind them that all our hearts are open to every single one of the believers that ask us to listen and show our Love. Teos does not grant me the ability to read minds of his followers, nor would I wish it. I can only ask him to open my eyes and ears to hear and see what He wishes to make known.

  In many ways, you are the eyes and ears of the church. You each know the fears and suffering that have been put upon your neighbors and your diocese by The False Prophet and Deceiver, El Diavolique. If we are to oppose those malevolent works of tyrannical demons and replace the fear they sow among the people then we must all pray as a community and we must all make our united voices known, not only to Teos but to each other. Our strength is in our unity.

  The coryphai were not a single man or even a pair of believers. Though Almighty Teos and His Son, by the works of The Logos could have still touched the world equally with so few, it was not THE way. The first apostles of the Living Word, Immanuelle, were a community of faith and kept trust in each other. So let me encourage each of you daily and you can remind your congregations and monarchs that The Holy See does wish them joy and blessings and that we are listening. We are waiting for you all, from peasant to monarch, to tell us they Love Teos and that we all need His Divine Intervention from time to time. Even as His Vicar on Earth, I am but a mortal man, and I most assuredly ask the Great Healer and Peacemaker to bless me with those things which will give me a calm spirit and a life worthy of my place in His plan. More often than not he does not answer with a private and unexpected miracle but by a simple word or act of kindness from one of you, His believers.

  There is no fault in speaking of fears or a necessity that has gone beyond our own ability to compensate against. We need only be firm in our works and devotions to Him, keep Faith, and then ask the Sacred to intercede for us. Pray together and it is far more certain that the Logos will be moved to an answering touch in another's life. Pray alone, and you will be heard also, eventually. Does not the master craftsman keep an entire kit of tools to do his works instead of just one tool alone for all tasks? Ask and you shall receive. Keep it to yourself and rely only on yourself and you will never hear an answer other than the failed one you have already given yourself.

  Work as a community in peace and harmony. Wherever there is anger, make reconciliations. Wherever there is hatred, show love. Wherever you have made a transgression against your neighbor, offer them an appropriate repentance. If they refuse your offer, then it is not Teos that moves within them. Where you are persecuted, walk taller, pray more faithfully, behave more righteously in accord with Immanuelle! If the witnesses of your righteous behavior do not turn away from their errors or are not compelled to grace then they have not the ability to hear or see the divine spark in each of us.

  I caution you though, do not wear the teachings of Immanuelle like a garment! Do not apply the trappings of the Sacred texts and speak the name of Teos, Immanuelle, or the Logos in false pride! You must live the Faith you show! Dress your heart and soul in it and display it modestly because not every person was meant to see your heart and soul. Immanuelle's words are words of a living faith, born by practice daily and not just a decoration to be put on or taken off for an audience. If you pronounce falsely, or take His name in vain when you imagine it is unheard by any other, you transgress, for He hears. You are always witnessed! Teos sees all and knows what is in you and he will expose you to your enemies.

 Armor only your body with the sacred texts and the armor will fail. Armor your soul and heart with it and nothing can take your glorious life from you!

 Today I wish to recall the Sacred texts in this chapter:

And the Angelic Choirs, meeting on the Sun, threw darts of light into the residences of the demons, and they retreated into the darkness, because they did not tolerate the Light.

Sephiroth established the Heavenly Court: so happened that those who guilt themselves of sin, were to be imprisoned in the darkest shadows, and they took the name of Hell.
And the Hell were divided into seven groups, and each Archdemon was made ​​a slave by Tehos, and imprisoned in a circle of Hell, for they had all made Sin.

These things happened, Eldiavolique, appeared in front of Tehos.
The Almighty, the Father of Life, anticipated him in every thought, for he was the Father-Omnisapient, and uttered these words, which were the Law:

"Eldiavolique, condemned to be Lord and Priest of the Hell."

These words were the Logos, so they were Life, Truth, and this had two effects on Eldiavolique: Because he now understood the Omnipotence of Tehos, but now -darkened by folly, and by his illogical spent of his life- was split into five parts and its essence reassembled in Pentacle Beast.

All parts of Eldiavolique, the Pentacle Beast, attacked Tehos with violence and madness, but everything had been expected, so, Sephiroth, contested the Holy Lance, pierced the Beast and even broke up into five parts.

Three of these parts, Sephiroth recomposed them and chained to the Hell, on the center of the circles, and this took the name of Baffometto, the Beast.

The fourth part, fled by Tehos, throwing and anathema against the Lord, and against Sephiroth, who was his powerful arms:

"I will be the Temptation, I will do vacillate every law of the Logos. I will be chaos. I will be Madness. I am the Terror. I'll be the Darkness, and the entire universe will be darkened in my name, which is Lilis."

And Tehos, who knew everything and included everything, said to Sephiroth:

"Let her go. She is only the Temptation. His power, is void, because his power is to influence the will of others. But the Angels do not slip, and now the demons are made ​​slaves, in their eternal prisons. Will a day when the Temptation will be believed a Great Lady and will be the days of the Whore, but this is the word: for every servant of the Whore, one hundred are servants of Tehos, Lilis's existance will be eternal pain and despair here in forward.

Here ends the reading. Amen.

Be not tempted to Rebellion, sons and daughters, because against the righteous it is a mighty sin!
 Be not hasty to follow the sword because the battle you seek may be created by Lillis and not Sephiroth's command.
Seek peace and Mercy as Omnipotent Teos did, because it will always make you greater, in this world and the next, than those who live by deceit.

Blood shed in righteous defense is always more potent than blood taken from your foes who are only the deceived.

Walk in the Light of the Almighty forever and go in Peace. Spread the Word!

"vitam aeternam, fides aeternam, actio semper"
~Alexander VII~

Summus Pontifex - Theological Church,
Comte de Reims,
Master of theology of Ancient Theological Church

Faith Defines All Things; their remembrances clearly defined make them living custom.

(RIP) Dupain Lancelot

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Re: Sermons and Homilies of the Summus Pontifex
« Reply #1 on: 19 February, 2017, 01:47:21 PM »
Lord Dupain Lancelot was very moved by this sermon.

I heard by one of an Auxerre county believer in Teos that our beloved Summus Pontifex Alexander VII [the seventh] did a great "speach" inside the holy house of Teos in Rome. So here is my mark that I received the message delivered by our Summus Pontifex to all of the in Teos faithful human beings in the known world.

I hope to be able to come in Rome and hear that magnificent once upon my lifetime.

In the name of Montjoie by Saint Denis !

Montjoie, Saint Denis !