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Clemente De Ponte

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In the name of the Glory of Theos and His Blessed servant, Caterina

In light of the grave acts of injustice perpetuated by the wicked followers of none others than Eldiavolique and the whore of Babylon,

We, the Archbishopric of Barcelona, in the person of the papal legate of the Iberias, Clemente, declare the faithful nobleman of Navarre,

don Alfredo:

as a Divine asset of our True Faith and thus under formal protection of the Archbishopric of Barcelona.

Al jorn del judici parrà qui avrà fet servici

(RIP) Alfredo di Navarra

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I, Don Alfre' Garcés from the ancient kingdom of Navarra,
I thanks you very much, Cardinal de Ponte, for the beautiful words about me. I am a humble sinner, but I have always been faithful at the teachings of Our Lord Teos because he is my lord and master.
I will be fully available to the Archbishopric of Barcelona. That the Lord Teos, through his servant Clemente, do with me what believes most appropriate.
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Alfre' Garcés de Navarra
Homo liberus

(RIP) Alexander VII

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During his return from the coronation and Nativity mass in Reims His Holiness hears of a great disturbance in Iberia. A matter has come between the Righteous kingdoms of Castile-Leon and of Aragon. A Prince of the church has interceded on behalf of a citizen of Aragon, a man exiled from  of Castiglia and Leon.


The seldom requested but always available love and protection of Almighty Teos has been requested and granted. The conditions of the practice have been vague for as long as Alexander VII can remember. At last that may end. Most certainly something must be done to calm the righteous monarchs and allow them to address their disputes over the citizen with regal dignity and proper diplomacy. That was the Summus Pontifex hope at the very least.


To My Sons
his majesty King Draco Borgia,
his majesty King Lello
his Eminence Clemente de Ponte
his lordship Alfredo De Navarre

   In the matter of sanctuary for Lordship Alfredo de Navarre the Holy See has declared his right to seek divine intervention on his behalf. In interest of peace and mercy as was taught by the divine and Sacred Immanuelle we hold his request granted. There are circumstances I am certain which each side will hold as substantial to the matter.

  As Teos ever granted Mercy with Wisdom, the Holy See cannot do less. No mortal being as wise as the Almighty and Divine, then we must learn the wisdom He who is on high already knows. To keep with that righteous mercy we must also allow righteous justice. Therefore I call a oly Inquest into the matter to decide where the mercy and justice resides in this. The Inquisition will be held within the bounds of Aragon for that is the current location of the sanctuary.

  Sanctuary will include the personal freedom within the church and cloister precincts of Cardinal Clemente De Ponte's Palace. I cannot restrict the lord Alfredo De Navarre to the church if he departs but if he departs then his safety is no longer ours to guarantee. Away from there he takes risk and places responsibility on his majesty, King Draco Borgia. I ask that Alfredo De Navarre, having the Peace of Teos in mind, does not test the  peace between the kingdoms of Aragon and Castiglia-Leon.

  As there is some doubt also to the true devotion of lord Alfredo de Navarre, the seminary conditionally accepts his application. The condition being that he is found to be pure of heart and intent in his request. He may study  with Clemente De Ponte but will not be granted clergy status until after. I pray he and the monarchs will all find new devotion and peace before we are done.

  The official board of Inquisitors will be named in a short time. Their resolution will not be dictated by myself, though my will, and therefore the Logos of Teos will be present among them for the seeking. As in all things, the church asks that the Kingdoms listen and abide His Sacred Decisions. The Holy See allows their majesties who are risen and anointed by Divine Will their own choice if faith and trust in the Inquisition's response to the sanctuary verdict.

  I am available to all men and women of sound faith who are named in this letter and their chosen representatives. In the name of Immanuelle and his kingdom of holy peace to come.

"vitam aeternam, fides aeternam, actio semper"
~Alexander VII~

Summus Pontifex - Theological Church
Archbishop of France and Normandy,
Comte de Reims,
Master of theology of Ancient Theological Church

Faith Defines All Things; their remembrances clearly defined make them living custom.