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Re: [ORP] Life in Sweden
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I throw off my helm as the blood pours from my face and collapse near a small stream...
Leinster...seemingly a ones motives are truly known
I am not a knight, so, I hold no squire and have no thralls to serve me...I take off the armor myself as I groan from the deep wounds that my body has once again taken...
I run a hand over my pox marked face...removing the hood I wear under my helm.
The woolen hood I use to staunch the bleeding from my leg...
'dammit all'...
'left alone to die by some stinking stream...' vision fades a bit...the blood seeps from my armor and fauchard laying in the sand and rocks of the banks...I may as well be a prisoner...
I see across the stream...the body of a raven. a dead raven...
I groan deeply from my pain and exhaustion...
I watch as four ravens cackle then land near the fallen one...
their cries cease as they make land fall..they stand over the fallen member of their unkindness. They stand...steadfast.
I feel the blood pours into my eyes and I think of the cold of Vastergotland...of my dear wife far from me right now..
I watch the ravens as they mourn their the lost comrade in their unkindness...
my hand is barely able to splash water across my face before my vision fades...
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(RIP) Vlad Staurov

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Re: [ORP] Life in Sweden
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Your Highness, many thanks for ewerithing, all advices and help.

All the best in real life