Author Topic: Bannish decree for Alfredo di Navarra, 25 of November, 1316  (Read 784 times)

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Bannish decree for Alfredo di Navarra, 25 of November, 1316
« on: 25 November, 2016, 11:28:10 PM »

Starting form this moment, We, King Lello da Chianciano, soveregin of the Kingdom of Castile and Leon,

Decree Alfedo di Navarra banned from this Kingdom, basing on the point II-High Treason, of the Kingdom's laws update dated 28th October 1316

Due to the fact that he completely ignored the order from the King of Castile and Leon to lend oath of allegiance to His Majesty the King and to the Flag of the Kingdom of Castile and Leon;

Due to the fact he declare in an open letter to other citizens that "the King at this time is paranoid";

Due to the fact of giving clear evidence to not give any importance to the fate of the Kingdom that host him, preferring to go elsewhere instead of using the structures of the Kingdom of Castile and Leon to train or study, despite the cost of such structures is minimal, of course, for not spending his denare for the benefit of the Kingdom itself.

Due to the fact that he had convinced a resident of Navarra fiefdom to abandon the Royal Army and then wanting to nominate themselves to the riders titles, logicalmente reserved for military persons, without the need of a specific law but only of that of common sense;

Due to the fact to declare only now to have read the laws of the Kingdom after months of residence in it, after self-declared him protector of one of his fiefdoms, after pretending the role of Guard Captain of one of his fiefdoms and after moving political requests to the King self-declaring him representative of the Governor of the Fiefdom.

An arrest order is hangs over him from this moment and all his titles and appointments will be revoked.

I ask all the friendly and allied Kingdoms to order themselves the capture of Alfredo di Navarra once detected his presence in their territory.

So it is decreed in Burgos on 25 of November of the year 1316.