Author Topic: Theological Candidate Janus Valerius & Mystic Church  (Read 702 times)

Christian Doria

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Theological Candidate Janus Valerius & Mystic Church
« on: 09 November, 2016, 11:58:30 AM »
Apro questa discussione per esprimere ciò che penso in merito alla nuova elezione del leader teologico.

La chiesa Mistica esprime profondo rammarico per l'elezione di un leader di una fede non vera e corrotta.

L'unica vera fede è quella Mistica, non esiste altro dio oltre a colui che non deve essere nominato.
Ogni eretico dovrà convertirsi e abiurare la falsa fede teologica.

Dichiariamo pubblicamente che la fede mistica non potrà avere alcun rapporto con una persona che si dichiara leader di una falsa fede.
Tutte le ingerenze che verranno da queste persone nei confronti della fede mistica avranno una giusta e pesante rappresaglia.

La fede mistica ha intenzione di evangelizzare e convertire tutti gli eretici presenti nel mondo, e questo è un compito assegnatoci da Adonai in persona.
Chi ostacolerà questo sacro compito incorrerà nell'ira di colui che non deve essere nominato.


I open this thread to express what I think about the new election of the theological leaders.

Mystical Church expresses deep regret for the election of a leader of a faith not true and corrupt.

The only true faith is that mystic, there is no god besides the one who must not be named.
Every heretic must repent and renounce the false theological faith.

We declare publicly that the mystical faith can not have any relationship with a person who declares himself leader of a false faith.
All interference that will come from these people towards the mystical faith will have a just and heavy retaliation.

The mystical faith he plans to evangelize and convert all heretics in the world, and this is a task given to us by Adonai.
Who will hinder this sacred task will incur the wrath of the one who must not be named.

Wolfram Adelmannsfelden

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Re: Theological Candidate Janus Valerius & Mystic Church
« Reply #1 on: 10 November, 2016, 06:30:34 PM »
I'm glad you opened this thread. I was worried that you might want to have good relations! Thank you for kind words...

Alexander VII

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Re: Theological Candidate Janus Valerius & Mystic Church
« Reply #2 on: 10 November, 2016, 08:39:48 PM »
In Roma a pamphlet comes to the hands of Alexander VII. He is bored so he reads it to practice his language skills. After ward he is thankful for the useful paper. ....there was no other way to clean up after using the privy.

Elia's words had been read and were never a surprise to the man who had known him as an apostate and an angry dissenter by the name  and position of Ancient Theological Bishop Christian Doria.

It still upset him that the man could not bring any sense of humbleness before humanity or even his heathen god. Every word was again a self praise and his "god' just a club to swing in anger at every other being who did not worship "Elia". The man even called himself "the First" where no second was likely to ever exist.

The  Summus Pontifex would surely write the man some day, but not soon. People who decided to hate rarely heeded any words of peace or wisdom anyway.
Faith Defines All Things; their remembrances clearly defined make them living custom.