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Life in Another Country (Norman Story)
« on: 06 November, 2016, 02:50:07 AM »

On the many nations I had adventure, There aren't any nation, besides Poland , that I had finished surveying all the lands and writing it in my journal, writing everything from Structure, private or public , natural resources, the climate , the terrain and even know more of its secret layout than my home, France.

That is the Duchy of Normandy.
My first travel to Normandy , was my first experience travelling outside of France.

1st Travel to Kingdom of Normandy
February 14-15
My urge for travelling and exploring new places to go, meet new people.

On the middle of the day, where there is a scorching sun.
I started my grueling travel there, walking with a shoes and wearing a ragged robe.
make me thinks of the time, where I was very poor, to even buy a decent clothes.

Thru EVREUX, that was my first time , going abroad, leaving my homeland.
There the tax is 5%, which is kind of fair, sadly there aren't any good goods there in the market.

Manage to reach the capital , AVRANCHES.
I started to buy products there, even if tax were 15% on neutral.
I did not mind it, since it was more a necessity, that I can't even find it at French Market.

Happily leaving the capital, going back to IDE-LE-FRANCE is going to be a pained.

2nd Travel to Kingdom of Normandy
February 20-21
Like the first travel, to look for bargain at Normandy.
Well not much happen, look for only bargain and sadly leaving with no more , than what I had brought.

3rd Travel to Kingdom of Normandy
February 25-26
Well I manage to talk to his majesty, King Roberto Alfaro.
On changing citizenship, on loan and tax rate for neutral countries.

I did manage to get interview by Ambassador Sofie Falkenburg.
I think I failed the interview on getting loan from Normandy.

4th Travel to Kingdom of Normandy
March 13-14
same old routine, now with greeting his majesty, when I visited and buy again from Normandy.

5th Travel to Kingdom of Normandy
March 19-20
I am fed up, with my king Axel Richard von Fersen-Bourbon , for not granting me to mine salt.
I am an innkeeper , he is okay with  Pierre Le Paysan to  mine salt at EU.
He told me, he himself will mine salt for me, but there aren't any salt to be sold to me.
I waited for a month, on his honor as a man of words.

I got tired and left to Normandy, I got lucky.
That the vassal Lord Robert De Mortemer of EVREUX.
He managed to sell me salt for 2 silver coin a piece, in a moderate quantity, 70... even my needs for pottery, I managed to buy @ Avranches Market , buy as many raw materials I need and contacting them for a possible trade agreement ,buying from Swedish noble, Lady Eleonore Von Lindenau to Lord Giulio Ferrazzani  of Ferrara.

Still all of it wouldn't be possible with sheer determination to become someone and get successful on business.
But l I did not break  his rule, he is the king and I am the citizen.
One fundamental is to follow the law.

6th Travel to Normandy
May 30-31.....
I got worried for my friend staying @ Normandy , since there was a major temple destroyed @ ANJOU, NORMANDY.
Rumors where a raid, that happen like in Ireland did will happen in Normandy.
Walachia and Hungary were hostile to Normandy.

The case was that Normandy file a case against the few individuals who attack and destroy the Pagan Temple.
The attack happen, when the defend against the native attack in ANHALT, FLANDERS happen.

There was one person hailing from Kiev, telling me a long adventure to Normandy, before the official case file against the few individuals with destroying religious structure without the Norman King Approval.

I bought as much as I can and survey that, if a raid or invasion where to happen.
It will be a battle of attrition and costly to both parties, with every region having a castle and rumors of  10 tar jar for every castle were prepared.

Going back to Normandy
Visiting ARQUES or still the best way for my travel to the northern kingdoms.

Visiting friends like Lady Delilou Sylandra  , Lady Angie Brennan or his majesty , Roberto Alfaro.
Even during hard times, willing to give me advices...pretty much on general subjects.

Without Normandy, I will be stuck in France and might already had left...from the boring events to unfair treatment or favoritism under former king, now Vassal  of SODERMAN-LAND, Axel Richard von Fersen-Bourbon .

To be fair , Axel Richard von Fersen-Bourbon gave me a loan on shop , but no home loan.
It was hard repaying shop loan...never much make profit with monthly loan repayment.

I only got lucky, when the plague happen, and meet the gentleman Bearsheart Kobe .
He gave me 500 silver coin, no string attached and a donation to me, in the time I needed it.
I wasted 120 silver coin in helping 2 new citizens...they quickly left and died.