Author Topic: The Fall Festival: Fiona's Kegs  (Read 923 times)

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The Fall Festival: Fiona's Kegs
« on: 21 September, 2016, 01:08:02 AM »
Fiona set down the final beer barrel behind her stall, and leaned backwards to work the kinks from her spine after carrying heavy cask after heavy cask. "Och, I'm gettin' tae old fer this," muttered a woman not yet even in her 30's. She shrugged her shoulders and rolled her neck a few times, then headed to her cart to grab the crate of tankards, and set up a sign reading

Festival Beer! 5 Silver!

A picture of a mug and five coins was etched below for those who could not read.

Plastering a pleasant smile on her face, Fiona took her place behind the bar, sipping a sample of her workmanship. She judged it a tad sweet, but with a nice bitter kick at the end. "Well come on then!" she urged the crowd. "Sate yer thirst!"

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Re: The Fall Festival: Fiona's Kegs
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Greetings, Fiona Am Brina.   May I help with anything?  I'm so sorry I have not already.  I was a little delayed.  :)
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