Author Topic: [ORP] The lady that lost her mind  (Read 598 times)

(RIP) Hannah d'Ch√Ętillon

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[ORP] The lady that lost her mind
« on: 09 September, 2016, 01:49:26 PM »
It was a warm summer in Constantinople when Hannah found herself covered in dust at the entrance of Constantinople. Having no clue of what happened to her she decided to examine her belongings, besides from a few silver coins and a seal. Unsure about what to do, or who she was, she decided to walk over to the city library to look up some information about this seal.

Apparently this seal belongs to the House d'Chatillon, who seem to originate from a region in Flanders.

Being disappointed by the lack of information the Byzantine library had she decided to set off for a long journey towards Flanders, hoping to find out who she is.

Gregorios Kantakouzenos

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Re: [ORP] The lady that lost her mind
« Reply #1 on: 09 September, 2016, 07:37:08 PM »
Doux Gregorios Kantakouzenos and his escort on horseback, quickly headed to the exit gates of Constantinople. The demanding Retorica and Grammar courses and the restless social life of Con/polis made him to desire a rest in the castle of Demetrias. It was also a good opportunity to regulate the food supply of the region and to pray at the St. Lawrence chapel. Besides spiritual conversations with Nicholaos Mystikos for Deus was always interesting.

Suddenly the horse made a smooth backjump and his eyes pinned on a woman's silhouette. The piercing glance of the young woman with the dusty overcoat and covered face, made him stop. Good manners demanded the Doux descend from horse and greet.

Good evening my lady, I am Duke Gregorios Kantakouzenos

The woman seemed bewildered, she was squeezing something at her hands

I am nobody, replied rather frightened

Forgive me, but I think we have met before, replied the Duke

My name is Hannah...

...D' Chattillon, Duke completed

But how you know that...?

Gregorios smiled and answered

I know your family, lady Hannah