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Renouncing the throne
« on: 27 August, 2016, 09:38:29 AM »
Honorable citizens of Prussia,
It was a difficult decision to make, but I am renouncing the throne.
My reign stands out with numerous building projects. Prussia has Training Grounds now. Each province has a tavern. Three castles have been built, apart from other projects.
But there were failures too. I could not unite the citizens of my country. I was paying too little attention to the foreign affairs. I don't have sufficient proficiency in the matters of warfare, which has resulted into the loss of LUBUSZ. I think the time for a warrior king has come. I am transfering the throne to my husband Alexej Shirinskij. He is a good fighter. He is active on the forum and is good at foreign policy. I am sure that now, when Prussian soldiers have a place to train at, and the state threasury has stable income he can turn Prussia into a powerful and well-respected country.
I ask you to support the new king the same way you have been supporting me. I am not leaving Prussia and will keep working for its prosperity.

//RP off
The throne will be transfered through a revolt, as it is the cheapest way after the latest game patch. I know it's stupid, but think of it as a welcoming party for the new King. Come and join the attackers side all of you! xD
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