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History Of LUEBECK
« on: 05 August, 2016, 07:05:59 PM »

Greetings Citizens,

By the request of the Saxon King, Admin has granted us the platform for LUEBECK on 05-Aug-1316, 17:27:24

Special Thanks to King Radost, Very friendly and good person to work with. I personally consider him as a good friend of mine in ME.

Any way Lets get on with the history of LUEBECK.

LUEBECK is a Saxon region which was chosen by the DUKE of LUEBECK - Charls Von Mirz to be the Free Trade Zone of Kingdom of Saxony. Which was granted by the Saxon King Radost Konstantinovic. So the project was lunched on 19-May-1316 to make it a developed region.

With the help of the good citizens of Saxony

1. Market was completed on: 02-Jun-1316. Time taken (duration): 13d 4h 8m 39s.

2. Tavern was completed on: 03-Jun-1316. Time taken (duration): 15d 2h 5m 25s.

3. Harbor was completed on on: 09-Jun-1316. Time taken (duration): 5d 8h 28m 8s.

4. Castle is being built right now.

Honorable Citizens of Saxony who contributed to the construction of LUEBECK  are below.

Victor Schwarz   
Radost Konstantinovic   
Charls Von Mirz   
Der Kaktus   
Sion Dafyyd Webb   
Ernst Weber   
Otto Eckhart   
Helene Weber   
Clinton Von Mirz   
Dougtheclaw Von Mirz
Maximilian Von Steinburg
Svatomir Brodnik

We proudly remember all of your name and appreciate your contribution to make Kingdom of Saxony Great.
May you find success in your every steps of life. Saxony proud of you.

Kind Regards

Charls Von Mirz
Duke of Luebeck
Ambassador of Saxony

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