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Out of the silence You hear the sound of  the trumpet, The sound of WAR, the sound that makes man go wild. Your blood starts boiling and heart starts pounding fast. You stand up and look around. You look up and you see the dark cloud is taking over the sky. You realised that this is the moment you have been waiting for so long. Finally the moment has arrived to show the world what you are made of. You made of flesh and blood but you have a heart of IRON. You wasted no time to jump on your restless Horse and you pick up your sword, You hear the voice of an OLD man saying GOD SPEED son. May the GOD be with you. You see the Flag of Kingdom of SAXONY flying high in the battle field. You have decided to join the Saxony and carry the Flag by yourself. Suddenly you see the Saxon DUKE Charls Von Mirz on his horse coming towards you and greets you with joy saying:

Lads !! this is the moment we all have been waiting for to take back what is rightfully ours.
Our land has been taken by so called friends, Our dreams has been destroyed by people we think our allies.
You all are free man with your free will, And this land belongs to you, This is Saxony " The Land of The FREE and Home of the Brave "
Will you stand by me to face the enemy ? Will you defend your freedom ?
Great warriors, Will you be with me ?  It's an great honour to have you on our side   

You start shouting with excitement YES !!! YES !!! YES !!!

I promise you better days and a better future.

Suddenly You hear - CHARGE !!!

You charge towards the enemy soldiers and break their defence line. You feel excitement and joy as you slaying the enemies head one after another. You fight like a True Saxon HERO as if their is no freakin tomorrow. CALL   OF   ARMS -  JOIN  KINGDOM  OF  SAXONY
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