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House Von Mirz in Kingdom of Saxony
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Charls Von Mirz - The fifth son of the late Byzantine Emperor. Charls became a rebel Leader after his father's death and founded the Nobel house called " House Von Mirz ". A new start, a humble beginning. He saw no future in Byzantine as there were nothing better to hope for. He moved on to Savoy by the invitation of Savoy queen. Unfortunately he couldn't stay in Savoy for long because of miss-understanding with the savoy queen, which marked the end of Savoy adventure.

A Letter from Saxon King,   

In 7th of May 1316 Charls Von Mirz received an invitation letter from the King of Saxony and immediately accepted the King's generous and kind invitation to make Saxony Strong again. Soon after his arrival in Saxon Capital, The King appointed him as the Ambassador of Saxony. With his cunning diplomacy and wise foreign policy Charls was able to make many friends and allies for the Kingdom of Saxony. The King was happy and granted him the tittle " Duke of L├╝beck "

Charls is always ready to serve the Kingdom of Saxony to restore it's historical Lands and Glory. Let's make Saxony great again.


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Re: House Von Mirz in Kingdom of Saxony
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Friend, you're done, keep up the good work.