Author Topic: Third Midsummer Festival Week Announcement - June, 25- July, 1, 1316  (Read 740 times)

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Midsummer Festival Week - June, 25- July, 1, 1316

We, Giulia, Queen of Flanders, are delighted to announce the
    Third Midsummer Festival Week in Brugge

a celebration to welcome the summer solstice, as traditional symbol of warmth and prosperity.

All week long there will be free training and studying at our Training Grounds and Academy. 
This event is open to both citizens and peaceful visitors from any of the Kingdoms of Europe.

Special  stories and songs night on July,1. Bards from all over the world will be welcomed at Brugge Royal palace.

May your stay in Flanders be pleasant and fruitful.

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Re: Third Midsummer Festival Week Announcement - June, 25- July, 8, 1316
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From Embassy of the Kingdom of Flanders to all kingdoms of the known World.

For order of Our beloved Queen Giulia,  already started Midsummer celebrations will go on till  July, 8, 1316.

May Midsummer spirit fill your souls and hearts.