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The Hanze is a cooperation between the nations of Denmark, Flanders, France, Saxony and Scotland, on military, justice and economy. Jehan Desains of Flanders shall represent the Hanze as the Hanze Leader. Every member of the Hanze still retains its sovereignty, as this is a coalition of nations, not a dictatorship to usurp our respective thrones.

Under the Hanze, we recognise some universal laws:
1] Justice Cooperation: The Hanze nations will work together to apprehend dangerous criminals within the Hanze. Specific punishments for crimes, are determined by the individual members of the Hanze.

2] Allies: The Hanze nations agree to an alliance, in which each member shall assist the other members on the 3 pillars of military, justice and economy. The Hanze recognises Philippe de Bourgogne as Regent of Denmark, Jehan Desains as Regent of Flanders, Baliano Ibelin as Regent of France, Michel Guerre von Sachsen as Regent of Saxony and Bruce Enderson as Regent of Scotland.

3] Hanze Army: The Hanze nations agree to form a combined and professional army under Hanze banner, to represent our coalition, and to assist each other in conquests and to defend each other against foreign and domestic enemies.

4] Treason: The Hanze considers it a crime to revolt against one of our Regents. The rioters shall be punished accordingly.

5] Harassment: The Hanze considers it a crime to excessively harass a person or people. This may include insulting, threatening, racism and other forms of harassment.

6] Theft: The Hanze considers it a crime to take goods from State property, without the consent of the Regent. State property includes the Royal Palace, Castles, Barracks, Courts, Academies, Training Grounds and Construction Sites and everything within them.

7] Abuse of Power: The Hanze considers it a crime to abuse one's power to harm our citizens or our nations and such abuse shall be punished accordingly.

8] Profiteering: The Hanze considers it a crime to buy goods on a market, to then sell it back on the same market at a higher price. This is artificially making life expensive and damages the people and the nations. Punishments shall reflect the crime.

9] Market Protection: The Hanze may agree to temporarily or indefinitely hold back or limit the trading of a certain good or goods, per request of the individual nations. This is to protect each nation and its citizens.

10] Hanze Leader and New Members: Every member of the Hanze has to agree to the appointment of a Leader, and needs to give its consent to add a new member to the Hanze.

Details on the Hanze will be released per internal agreement.
If you wish to discuss trade, peace or other beneficial notes, please contact me:
Jehan Desains,
King of Flanders,
Hanze Leader.

[HANZE (temporarily?) DISBANDED]
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