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Elizara Gray

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Holy War for Rome
« on: 21 March, 2020, 07:46:33 PM »
Dear Patriarchal followers!

Once again the Holy City of Theological Church is corrupted by unfaithful impostors, and once again they are building vile plans and attack our brothers.
(13-Mar-1320, 15:05:40   Kingdom of Rome has declared war to Kingdom of Italy!)

Today the Grand Principality of Kiev with blessing of Patriarchal Church declares a war against usurpers of Rome. Understanding the great importance of Rome for Theological Church we will help true faithful Theological followers to take control of the city.
We will cleanse the city of all heresy and burn down those who sow dissent between Patriarchal and Theological Churches.

May the Deus bless our swords!
Элизара Серова, Великая Пророчица Патриархальной Церкви
Elizara Gray, Grand Prophetess of Patriarchal Church