Author Topic: Reports on Jacqueline Deveille's murmors in Ieper  (Read 685 times)

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Reports on Jacqueline Deveille's murmors in Ieper
« on: 14 May, 2016, 09:27:21 PM »
Giulia was waiting the new day before to embark for Telemark from Ostfriesland. The day was almost over when she received a messenger from Ieper, in the far south of Flanders.

She questioningly looked at the messenger  and said - What do you have to refer me so urgent?
The messenger bowed again and started to tell, in one breath - My Queen, some commoners reported to have seen a foreign lady speaking as in delirium in the market square of Ieper as being in front of a Court. I'm just a simple apprentice of Ieper guard captain, but I felt the duty to write down her speeches. In Brugge the Chamberlain told me you was moving when the Army toward Ostsfriesland, so I tried to reach you as soon as possible, changing the horse at several taverns.... 

Giulia nodded - Please, tell me.

Promptly, the young man handed a scroll - I wrote down a transcription. I was so luck to learn to write thanks to Lord Hospain, the Academy director...

Giulia nodded again smiling and motioning to a guard to take care of the messenger, she replied - Very well done, Sir... ?

The young man promptly answered - My name is Jansens Jan and bowed leaving the room.

Giulia looked at him thoughtfully away, it was the name of an old judge in Brugge, now passed away, and she wondered if he could be a relative. Then she opened the scroll and started to read.

When i contracted the plague I contacted Janus Valerius about healing in Paris but was informed that he was unable to do it. The king of Normandy then got someone to send me details of whom to contact about healing in Brugge. I was informed that it was Sister Belle D'aquitaine whom I should contact Brugge. I have written twice to the holy sister on the 10th and 11th of May asking her for directions of what I should do. On the 10th I informed her that I was travelling to Artois.
Sender: Jacqueline Deveille
Recipient: Belle D'aquitaine
Subject: Plague
Sent on: 10 May, 2016 - 03:52

Holy Sister

I have contacted the plague and have been informed that you may be able to help me. Please tell me where you would like me to go. I'm at the moment travelling to Artois

Your Humble Servant
Baroness Deveille

 I can not find the paperwork evidence of the message that I sent on 11th May. Maybe in my wweak state I only wrote the missive and did not send it.

I didnt want to travel to Brugge because I was trying to cut down the risk of spreading the plague. Unfortunately I'm still awaiting a reply from the holy sister of what she wants me to do and where she requires me to go.

Jacqueline Deveille

Giulia nodded questioning herself - Panic or impudence? Why she didn't waited for a reply before crossing the border?

But this was not the true matter, so she read on.

My Lords and Ladies

I am at an impasse until instructed by your goodselves of how to progress. As I crossed the border into Flanders there was no sign indicating that people in my situation should not pass. If this had been the case one would certainly would not have done so. One does not wish to be a burden on our esteem neighbours. I wrote to Sister D'Aqitaine informing her of my intentions and asking for instructions. I got no reply at the time and I still reamain in the dark and continue to get sicker. If I had been instructed to not cross into Flanders I would certainly not have done so. A simple message asking me to leave would have been suffice. One would like to return Normandyto take up my role of as judge. instead I find myself under arrest without instructions of what I should do. If it is requested that I remove my presence from Flanders I will do so upon receipt of instructions, I will even travel by a route dictated by the authorities.

Giulia  laughted, bitterly in  thinking to her People in Ieper in danger - That lady  is really hallucinated, probably the fever of the plague....
She is speaking being in Ieper like she was in Brugge in the Court...
She is no more able to distinguish Kingdom's authorities from religious members....
No more able to remember every Kingdom has laws available for everybody before crossing the borders, so she missed to check a permission from the Sovereign was mandatory....
She is feeling restrained or in jail when nobody gave that order...
She is  just blaming the dark shadows of her imagination...
Oh well, best to inform the Goverment of Normandy to come to take care of that lady before  the fever could made her completely crazy an she could go to  some reckless act.

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