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R.I.P Duarte Vaz de Lisboa
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09-Apr-1316, 01:33:04    Duarte Vaz de Lisboa, Vassal - ODRIN died

Our good friend Duarte has passed away. The Black death did not spare him. He did not died alone, but surrounded by friends. Rest in Peace my friend. You will be buried in Odrin alongside all other great vassals and commanders of Tsardom Bulgaria. We will make sure that your history will be remembered:

He lives in Odrin (Tsardom of Bulgaria) and has a long political, administrative and trade experience. After an invitation from the former Despot and now Tsar of Bulgaria, Theodor Svetoslav, was appointed Vassal and made Vicount of Odrin.

In the 21th of February 1316, upon buying a collection of 35 scrolls from the Byzantine Empress Thekla Argyra, Duarte Vaz de Lisboa has founded The Vaz Library of Drastar, a beacon of knowledge in a continent of darkness. He is now a passionate scroll collector.

He was born in the Kingdom of Portugal, year of the Lord 1275, among a family of craftsmen. Duarte Vaz de Lisboa is the godson of Landolfo Carpegna (L.C.), a roman nobleman who established himself in Valencia (Kingdom of Aragona) after a war in Rome. L.C. then assumed the role of Captain of the Guard of the army of Aragona. When the Kingdom of Portugal was created, L. C. went to live in Lisboa. L.C. died in exile (by the end of 1311) after a struggle to create a house of commons in the Kingdom of Portugal.

He has lived Lisbon (Kingdom of Portugal), Copenhagen (Kingdom of Denmark), Antiochia (Duchy of Antiochia) and Thrake (Tsardom of Bulgaria). He has been a loyal subject and a friend of many Kings and Queens (Richard II Oxenstierna, Matteo I and Costance D'hauteville; Hector Barbossa and Daenerys Barbossa).

On March 1314, he acquired the Province of Antiochia (from the Tsardom of Bulgaria) where he lived until December of that year, when he sold the province to the Kingdom of Seleucid.

Nobility status

Vicount of Odrin: by His Majesty Theodor I on the 23rd of February 1316

Marquis of Slesvig: by His Majesty Matteo I on the 6st of January 1314

Lord: by the Vassal of Sjaelland (Ekinna Meaga) on 27th of August 1313

Duarte Vaz de Lisboa is:

Founder of the following networks:

United Merchants of Europe & Mediterranean Sea

Money Dealer's Guild

Member of the following merchant guilds: Compagnia reale della produzione e del commercio and Bulgarian Crafts Chamber of Commerce.

Director of The Vaz Library of Drastar

Duarte Vaz de Lisboa was:

Duke of Odrin (1315 - 1316)

Chancellor of Odrin (1315 - 1316)

Vassal of the Tsar of Bulgaria (Thrake) (1315)

Duke of Antiochia (1314)

Denmark's Royal Chancellor (1313 - 1314)

Director of Sjaelland's Academy (1313 - 1314)

Rector of the Lyceum of Sjaelland (1312 - 1314)

Judge of Denmark Court of Kingdom's Bench (1313)

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark (1312 - 1313)

Member of the Klan af Regeringen as Royal Chancellor (1313).

Member of the Danish Council of Heraldry - Noble Council by the grace of King Richard II Oxenstierna (1313)

Member of the Regency Council of Lituania by the grace of King Rasmus I (1313)

Founder, partner and manager of the Credit House of Sjaelland (September 1312 - August 1313)

Lisboa's City Council founder and Officer for Hospitality (1312).

Military Chronicles

Duarte Vaz de Lisboa has participated in the conquest of:

Bragança (Kingdom of Portugal: 10th Aug. 1312)

Jylland, Gotland, Slesvig & Holstein (Kingdom of Denmark: 13th Sept. 1312; 3rd March; 14th & 17th September 1313).

Allied campaigns:

Battle of Telemark (26 Sept. 1312 - Scottish Campaign)
Battles of Altmark (31th August & 1st September 1313 - Saxonic Campaign)
Battle of Vidin (7th July 1314 - Serbian Campaign)
Battle of Dyrrachion (13th November 1314 - Albanian Campaign)
Battle of Pinsk (19th November 1314 - Saxonic Campaign)
Battle of Chadax (2nd February 1316 - Native revolt)

Religious Chronicles

On February 1313 Duarte Vaz de Lisboa has mercifully joined the New Order Teological Church (nowadays Teological Church) and the (now extinct) Sovereign Order of the Knights Hospitallers of St.John. He was granted a printing license for holy texts from Princeps Alessio I, the first danish princeps (RIP on the 11th of June 1313). Later he joined the Ordo Fratrum Praedicatorum.

After moving to Bulgaria, Duarte Vaz de Lisboa was converted to paganism and initiated on the 4th of February 1315. Later he joined the Military Order of the Pagan Church on December 1315.
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Re: R.I.P Duarte Vaz de Lisboa
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It is indeed a huge loss for the known world.  A great man has left us; we all honour his memory.

                                         May his soul reach peace.

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Re: R.I.P Duarte Vaz de Lisboa
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Requiem Aeternam dona ei Domine
Requiescat in pace agnus tuus ubique siat,
cum luto calamusque et spatha sua
et lux perpetua luceat ipse
nichilo nichilum
Cum sanctis tuis
Per saecula saeculorvm


Gaude, Duarte Magistre, in aeterna universitate Dei

Gaudeamus igitur
Iuvenes dum sumus.
Post iucundam iuventutem
Post molestam senectutem
Nos habebit humus.