Author Topic: Parish Assistance Program for Youngsters (P.A.P.Y.)  (Read 750 times)

Teodoro Sidonio

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Parish Assistance Program for Youngsters (P.A.P.Y.)
« on: 07 February, 2017, 01:19:39 AM »
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

as you already know , the Church is with you in the everyday life.
Work is an important part of our life , 'cause no one can attend to his spiritual duties if barely can afford some bread.

We all know that first weeks of life can be  tough.  The Burgos' Parish , with its few resources , can do something simple to help the newcomers.

Starting from today , I will make available for free my carpenter shop for the youngest Castillan people.
Not once per person , not twice , but every time you need , until 60 days of age. Just send me raw materials and I'll make useful work tools for you.

Conditions :
-Castillan citizenship
-Teological Initiation
-Max 60 days of age
-do not try to sell the tools on the market ( no , isn't a crime , but it angers your Pastor  8)  )
-only one tool at time
-be patient

Father Teodoro