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« on: 17 March, 2016, 11:46:48 PM »
On behalf of His most Apostolic Majesty, King Draco the just of Aragon, I have the honour of declaring this library open.

Situated in the Palau Borgia in Valencia, His Majesty's library hosts the works of art of the classical and contemporary world, the knowledge of which the King had compiled to the benefit of the world, and to serve the students of His Majesty's University in Valencia.

To the members of the Library we offer:

Advice and links to anything concerning Aragon and the world

II. Genealogical research and graphical and heraldic design

III. Privately commissioned works

IV. Legal advice in Common, Canonical, Civic, Customary and Crown law

V. Translations in: Latin, Catala', Provençal, French, English, Italian, Norman, Romanç, Croatian, Serbian, and Sefardi'

VI. Etiquette guidance

VII. Access to works of other eminent scholars of our world and other libraries

Access to the library is granted to all nobles of the Crown of Aragon.
Private consultation may be conducted by non members by epistle.
Students and professors of the University of Valencia may use the library freely.

Users may borrow volumes in scrolls, obtain copies and receive links and guidance in epistular form.

I Iohannes swear by San Sernin of Tolosa to uphold the honour of the truth and the Crown in this exalted appointment

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