Author Topic: Sermon VI: Cries for Freedom  (Read 687 times)

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Sermon VI: Cries for Freedom
« on: 04 February, 2016, 02:39:43 AM »
My brothers and sisters,

From the start of the Great War our ears are filled with cries how we suppress freedom and how anyone who do not stand against us are cowards and slaves. But who are those criers, who whisper the true hatred and sorrow through the Europe?

If you dig deep there is always same people and they never say nothing new - they preach about how "evil pathries" will come , will take somebody freedom, life, money, women and children. But how they do that? They do not limit their-selves by words, they blame us in taking their freedom and in same time take the freedom of other people to suppress them and to enforce them their ways of life.

And who are the cowards and slaves according this apocalyptical adepts? Serbs who receive from you, evil pathries, wast territories, which their former allies always forget to return in time. Those "coward slaves" from Serbia even go and fight for their allies in Austria against us. And we punish them for this by ...doing them nothing. Because we are tyrants who took freedom from them and turn them in slaves. Or other coward and slave - Bohemian king Vlad. How suffer he under our tyranny trading all over the Europe. Or our former enemy and former king of Saxony, Harold, who now is "forced" to trade with us.

And what is the criteria for their slavery and cowardliness? The fact they decide to choose the wellness of their people instead of turn their countries of wasteland ruled by king-priests who are glad to sacrifice countless lives on their false god`s altars. They tell you freedom but means chaos, they tell you bravery but means submission of all aspects of life to their wicked power-thirsty clergy. Till Patriarchal faith tries to serve the civil authority so it can bring peace and stability to their common people and aristocracy , Pagans try to take the power from the authorities and to suck all its vital energy. And what can we wait from the camarilla leaded by king who betray his friends , neighbors and people only to keep his throne at all cost during the Great War?

So do not torment your conscious because of their wicked accusations, they will not stop to preach and cry for their oppressed imaginary slaves and cowards, because that is all they have, because that is which no tyrant or evil pathri can take from them.

But as the doctor must give to ill man a mixture even it is unpleasant for the patient, the same is for us - we must cure the Europe from the plague of Pagan Heresy, trying of course to  careful and patient with our patients, but showing no tolerance to the illness itself. This is our mission given to us by Our Lord, Deus Triune - to bring hope for corrupted souls what they can be cured and see His light, so they can know the peace and freedom on Earth and Heaven.