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The Cost of Living
« on: 20 January, 2016, 02:32:08 AM »
My fellow Scots.

One of the topics which constantly plagues me in our land is what is a smart buying decision when it comes to food.  The short answer is that it depends on price, but the least expensive food item might not be the best per serving.  To help me solve this dilemma, I created the following table, which can be plugged into a spreadsheet and show me the best deal at the time in the Market from which I am buying. 

The last column called "Actual Cost" is how I choose which product to purchase.  This column represents how much it would cost me to reach 100% glut from the price I've found in the market. 

The formula for that column is (1/Glut)*Market Price

You see 1/Glut is how many of each item I would need to reach 100% Glut and I just multiply that by the Market Price for that item. 

Below is an example of the buying decision I have to make in the current Market in Moray:
   Glut    Market Price   Actual Cost
Mulberry Cake   0.46.67   16.675
Cheese   0.57.88   15.76
Soup   0.711.55   16.5
Bread   0.082.1   26.25

As you can see based on the table above, the lowest price for 100% Glut is 15.76 making today's best buying choice Cheese.

The answer to the question of what's the best food to buy, like many things in life is actually, it depends.