Author Topic: Concilio di Roma A.D. MCCCXV / Council of Rome A.D. MCCCXV  (Read 3564 times)

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Re: Concilio di Roma A.D. MCCCXV / Council of Rome A.D. MCCCXV
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(OOC= hmm. Last Post 18 January. Is Council then dismissed as there has apparently been little interest from certain leader to do more than test obedience by calling? )

Yawning at the recurring delays, and not at the early hour, which now felt routine to Janus, he rose and started yet another wasteful day in Rome, with a brief prayer regarding his parish church and the monarch of France. The priest had decided to always review the business messages coming from his parish in Ile de France first, so as to update the recorded information here. There was an older and experienced  abbot who  was filling in for the absent priest Janus who had been swallowed in the stagnation of Rome it seemed. The sights and sounds and artwork, now less appealing that they were not new. In fact, the dust and bird excrement on most buildings was beginning to display the city in a less glamourous way for her age.

Janus was half way through his third page when he rediscovered a line he had almost read past. There was a young man with questions and aspirations to enter the novitiate! That was the most blessed news of the year for Janus! There was some tempering of regret though, as the man only spoke French. well, the books had been translated years ago to many languages.....Janus himself only marginally understood the more ancient tongue of Latins. He kept that a secret though as it was a little embarrassing.

Well, at least one thing to update in the Council, provided he could find a certain monseigneur turned His Grace and had also been the very tutor of Janus himself in Seminary. Where would His Grace Pimpo De Pimpi be at this hour? Janus was so excited he was on the verge of running  just to find him.  This young Le Sombre Wulfric did look very promising by all accounts from the abbot, but Janus would have to return to Ile de France to be certain.

Maybe he could get permission to depart? This was a righteous cause after all. A quick and heartfelt prayer to the Logos and The Immanuelle, and Janus went to find his old mentor.
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