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House of Romanov
« on: 26 December, 2015, 05:32:32 PM »
In 1312 A.D., minor noble from Rostov in Republic of Novgorod, Aleksei Tsesarevich Romanov and his newly-wed wife Katya Romanov immigrated into Kingdom of Serbia. They settled in the Principality of Belgrade, capital city of kingdom.

In 1314 A.D. on 24th of January, Jerman Romanov was born, as the first child of the Serbian Romanovs dynasty. He entered clergy with young age, but soon went on court of King Dusan Nemanjic where he found job as a judge. On 6th of July 1315 A.D. he married Lady Alessia Scala. This was the beggining of Romanov Dynasty in Serbia.

Jerman was soon named as Vojvoda Splita due to his contribution to country. His wife, Alessia soon followed him into nobility by being invested as Baroness of Dubrovnik.

Romanov Family Tree:

                                        Aleksei Romanov ------- Katya Romanov
                                             |                                                 |
Alessia Romanov ----- Jerman Romanov                          Brane Romanov
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