Author Topic: Alliance Treaty between the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Mamluks.  (Read 1183 times)

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In their infinite wisdom, Oddantonio da Montefeltro, Rex Italiae (Italy), et Black Smith, Sultan Sulṭanat Misr al-Mamālīk (Mamluks) agreed and wisely decided to put in writing the present alliance treaty that will bind the peoples of both kingdoms, with the intent to establish and preserve a lasting friendship.

Preamble - Alliance Pact (understood)

. The Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Mamluks are considered from now on as allies. They solemnly undertake not to carry out any type of hostile action nor any aggression towards each other.
. The Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Mamluks, with their respective advisers and citizens, undertake not to create, support or encourage unrest into counterpart’s territories by any means (riots, etc.).
. Signatories undertake not to give aid of any kind (either economic or diplomatic, or military) to third parties in conflict with the other party.
. If conflicts involving an ally of one of the parties arises, it will set up a table for discussion and negotiation, for the smoothing of the conflict peacefully.
. Signatories undertake to actively cooperate with the full commitment to the implementation of this Treaty on every point.
. Signatories mutually guarantee the inviolability of their borders.

Article I - Free Movement

. Signatories shall grant the right to free movement for their citizens, provided the freedom of movement is peaceful and law-abiding.

Article II - Exploitation of Resources

. As allies, Kingdoms of Italy and Mamluks grant each other access and free use of resources in its possession as long as the present Treaty is in force. If a citizen belonging to any of the signatory Kingdoms intends to travel in the regions of the other party in order to collect resources, must first send a letter to the Vassal of Capital (or, alternatively, the King himself) explaining their intentions. Upon receipt of the "nihil obstat" (no impediment), the citizen can go to the region indicated and freely collect the amount of resources required.

Article III - Mutual Defense

. In order to ensure mutual sovereignty over the lands that currently make up the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Mamluks (they shall prevail territories total ownership of their kingdoms on the date that the treaty will be ratified) where a Contracting Party will be attacked or invaded (native ), whatever the subject aggressor, the other Contracting Party shall bring the first aid. This aid must be necessarily carried through all political, diplomatic, economic and military options.
. If a Signatory has been attacked or invaded (whatever the subject aggressor), the other Party shall bring the first aid with a minimum of 5 soldiers adequately armed and equipped (preferably maximized) raised to 10 if threatens are over the Kingdom’s Capital. This, if counterparty’s territories are not threatened as well. Any attack or hostile action against one of the two Kingdoms (Italy-Mamluks) will be considered an attack worked against it, and fought the same way.

Article IV - Homeland Security Cooperation

. Italy and Mamluks undertake to communicate information to the other party about criminals and organizations that had crossed the border, in order to control and stop potential criminals.
. Signatories also undertake to inform each other if they become aware of conspiracies, hostility coming from persons and Kingdoms and anything that might undermine public security in one of the two signatories.

Article V - Economic cooperation

. Signatories undertake to facilitate such economic arrangements and trade and not to conduct any kind of economic destabilization towards each other.
. Signatories undertake to respect laws in force in the two Kingdoms markets.
. Signatories also undertake to maintain constant communication between the respective Governments in order to promote better economic cooperation possible as the Ally is considered a privileged partner.
. If not in contravention of any of the above points, the Kingdoms of Italy and Mamluks are free to deepen their economic development plans and commercial acts on the free management of a sovereign state.

Article VI - Future agreements

. Signatories undertake to assess future agreements and treaties, supplementary to this in all sectors (economic, military, judiciary etc) where this proves necessary to promote collaboration and cooperation between the two Kingdoms.

Article VII - Non-compliance with the Treaty

. Any breach of this treaty will result in the resolution of the same and the invalidity of its clauses. This gives the right to fair compensation of the damaged part.

Article VIII - Final Provisions

. This Treaty shall enter into force for an unlimited period of time after ratification by signatories, who committed their lands and their peoples.
. By mutual consent, the rewriting of the treaty may be made in its entirety or in part.
. This Treaty may be canceled by mutual consent.

Urbino, Kingdom of Italy,
Today, twenty-fourth day of Dicember, Anno Domini MCCCXV.

Per la ferrea corona del Regno d'Italia:

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Re: Alliance Treaty between the Kingdom of Italy and the Kingdom of Mamluks.
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The Mamluk King spoke to the King's Council:
"My sons and daughters rejoice, because today is a holiday!
Today is the day where our friends become part of our family"

The Mamluk King signed the treaty and gave it to the Italian envoy:
"Please let you king know that I would be honored to call him my brother"

May the Italian-Mamluk Alliance will live forever!
King Black of house Smith