Author Topic: Start of House Pike  (Read 919 times)

(RIP) Harriman Pike

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Start of House Pike
« on: 08 December, 2015, 03:53:08 PM »
Harriman Pike was settling into his job at the prison as the Guard Captain.   He was getting used to the layout of Toulouse.  He was getting into a routine of chopping wood working the fields and sleeping at the prison.  There was not much to do yet so must of his time was spent gathering wood for the tower. 

Currently his plans where to start up a carpenter shop when he had enough silver set up.  When he did he would need to work with a blacksmith in order to make tools.  He sent out some letters to see if anyone knew of an active blacksmith who might be willing to work with him.

Harriman was sure he was going to enjoy his life here in Savoy.  It would be a good place to begin house pike.