Author Topic: native uprising in Tyrus  (Read 991 times)

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native uprising in Tyrus
« on: 08 December, 2015, 12:54:06 PM »
The council chamber in the Blachernae Palace, early morning:
The Empresses' dressing procedure had been shortened, so she had more time to attent the war council.
Now all her advisors were gathered and argued at length about how to handle the situation:

Send money to the usurper, one said - no, to his men, so they would desert him, another replied. - And why should they? Money alone won't make them, now that the militia army of the eastern provinces had risen in rebellion, it rejected Constantinople's rule. Money would also need to be acompanied by promises. Send poison then. - Do we even know who was leading these men? If he was trained as a military leader among our own, he would probably suspect something like this. Until now their soldiers only followed a doux and fought for their own independence, but once that was won, or the empress was suspected to poison her subjects, who knew if they would stop there and not proclaim this doux the new Emperor, rallying even more people to their cause and seriously threaten her own position? This was a danger not to be underestimated and best dealt with as soon and complete as possible.

Winter had the capital in his grasp, storms made the Mediterranean Sea dangerous for a fleet to sail. while the east still enjoyed the warmth of their ever shining sun. The rebells could afford to ignore the dangers of the sea until they had Tyrus and Tortosa savely in their hands. Time was working against the royalists.

Thekla had enough, didn't she have a general of her own to deal with such unpleasant things?

Silence for a moment.
"Yes, oh Augusta, of course you have. But can you trust his loyalty completely?
Give him an army so he may go and risk his life for you, while you stay here, defenseless and deprived of friends and advisors? Why should he not simply turn around and attack you first? And then go off to fight this doux from Tyrus in his own name?"

True. Unpleasant, but also undeniable.
She couldn't afford to trust her Constable. Not to such an extent.
She had started to get a personal hold onto the Byzantine warriors, she would be a fool to let this slide now.
She was still expected to proof herself. As much as this was a dangerous moment, it also was a most welcome opportunity to silence the critics and conspirers.

The decision was made. Her constable would lead the army as it was customary, but Thekla would also be the first Empress to go on campaign as well. She and her own detachment of personal bodyguards would participate in the fighting...from a position on the battlefield that should be fairly safe.
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Re: native uprising in Tyrus
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Felipe was barking to waves.

Sometimes it stopped and watched his master with a reproachful look, as to say: "Are you becoming mad? Do you think that's the right weather for a boat trip?"