Author Topic: Marriage between King Andrew Naughton and Queen Eleanor Berenguer of England  (Read 1202 times)

(RIP) David von Habsburg

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01-Dec-1315, 04:51:02   David von Habsburg has officiated at Ancient Teological Church - Cardinal’s Palace - GENOA the marriage between Andrew Naughton and Eleanor Berenguer.

Cardinal David von Habsburg walks into the central hall of the Cardinal's Palace in Genoa, dressed in his robes. He looks proudly at the interior of the church, aware that the beauties of the ancient religion are threatened in the dangerous new disorder of Europe. Yet, the King and Queen of England have chosen to perform their wedding rites in a church that represents tradition, ancient respect and determination.

David checks with the church staff that the materials needed for the grand wedding are prepared properly. He is satisfied. He has prayed for this wedding for the past month so that his blessings for the couple would be complete.

He walks to the couple. "With the ancient authority granted to me by Theos the power of the Universe and the Pope his Holiness, I pronounce you man and wife."