Author Topic: Great opportunities for warrior-minded people  (Read 928 times)

Eddard Stark

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Great opportunities for warrior-minded people
« on: 28 November, 2015, 02:22:05 PM »
First, a brief picture of present Serbia:

Population: 100
Experienced citizens: 20
High council members: 4 (responsible to take any major decisions)
Common council members: 16-20 and increasing (have full rights to criticize any royal decision, kingdom rules and to propose new ideas/laws)
Properties: 16 huts, 8 small wooden houses, 2 large wooden houses, 1 large brick house, 26 terrains, 16 shops.
Imported items: Doubloons, sometimes some random items to help some old merchants.
Exported items: Food, clothes, shoe, boot, stone, jewelry, chalice.

As you see, in just past 6 months Serbia has turned from a desert land to a self-dependent tsardom. Inside Serbia you do not need to worry about at least food, clothes and tools.

Tsardom of Serbia is opening its door to many foreign warrior-minded people. Here are the opportunities for you:

1. Train in Beograd TG at only 0.5 sc/hr.
2. May have your own house, shop and fields in any Serbian territory.
3. You may stay in Serbia as long as you wish.
4. *To extract resources, you need separate permission from Tsar or from the ruler of that territory.
5. **To have your own animal farms, you need permission from Tsar.

To enjoy all these facilities, you even do not need to change your citizenship! All you require is a residence permit from the ruler of that territory. That means, to buy any property you need written permission from the authority of that region.

Present rulers of different territories:

Tsardom of Serbia -> Tsar Dusan, Chancellor Jerman
Principality of Beograd (Beograd, Hum, Naissus, Vidin and Rama) -> Princess Zoi
Duchy of Dalmatia (Split, Ragusa, Zachlumia, Rashka) -> Duke Jerman
Duchy of Croatia (Zagreb, Pecs, Somogi, Usora, Slavonia) -> Duke Eddard
Beograd -> Baron Eddard
Slavonia -> Baron Cayleb
Ragusa -> Baroness Alessia

>>If you want to have a property in Slavonia, permission from Baron Cayleb will be sufficient.
>>If you want to have properties in any or all regions of Principality of Beograd, permission from Princess Zoi is sufficient.
>>If you want to have properties in all regions of Serbia, permission from Tsar Dusan is necessary.

***If you want to permanently change citizenship in future, you need permission from Tsar or from Chancellor.

There is one condition before enjoying all these facilities. You have to join the Allemanic Guard. Tsar Dusan will be your supreme commander. That means you will listen and answer directly to him. In the absence of the Tsar, Chancellor will be your acting main commander.
As a member of the Allemanic Guard, your responsibility will only be to protect the Tsar and his Tsardom from any other forces. If Tsar marches to attack somebody else, then you are not bound to aid him.

Thank you.
Eddard Stark
Constable - Tsardom of Serbia
Treasurer - Tsardom of Serbia
Governor - Duchy of Croatia (Zagreb, Pecs, Somogi, Usora, Slavonia)
Duke - Zagreb | Baron - Belgrade
Drill Master - Belgrade

Dusan Nemanjic

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Re: Great opportunities for warrior-minded people
« Reply #1 on: 30 November, 2015, 02:43:28 PM »
Chain of Command:
Supreme Commander: Tsar Dusan Nemanjic
Chancellor of Serbia: Duke Jerman Romanov
Second in Command: Duke Eddard Stark
Captain of Allemanic Guard: N/A
Allemanic knights: N/A
Allemanic warriors: N/A
Allemanic Guard: N/A
Allemanic recruits: N/A

In time of Tsar Dusan absence his Chancellor Jerman Romanov will be acting commander of unit.

Allemanic recruits - New soldiers who still didnt passed Allemanic training.

Allemanic Guard - Recruits who completed training and has beaten Allemanic Trial and have officially become members of Allemanic Guard.

Allemanic Warrior - Member of group who spilted blood for Serbia and have beaten at least 3 opponents overall. Those warriors will earn signafficient respect among our people and in rows of our army!

Allemanic knight - Elite warrior of the Guard , to achieve this rank he must defeat 3 opponents in single battle for Serbia or 11 soldiers overall. They gain right to challange Allemanic Captain on duel for his position. Allemanic Knight will get complete armor of their choice heavy or light whatever they prefer more.

Allemanic Captain - Member of Allemanic Guard appointed by Tsar Dusan or win this position by winning previous Captain in combat, this man will organize Allemanic Guard with Tsar Dusan and his second in command and he will be leading officer of Allemanic Guards in field of battle. He will be completly military equipped by Tsardom of Serbia and will have additional adventages.

Second in Command: This is Constable of Tsardom of Serbia and he will serve as advisor to Tsar Dusan in military matters and he will hold trainings for new recruits until they pass the Allemanic trial and join Allemanic Guard.

Chancellor of Serbia - In time of Tsar's absence he will serve as acting Commander.

Allemanic trial - Each Allemanic recruit must beat one of soldiers we decide in duel. That soldier will be of average strenght. One recruit will be able to duel maximum once a week , if he lose a fight he will have a week of training or more until he feel ready and when they win that fight , they earn right to call themself Allemanic Guard!
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