Author Topic: Challenging to Duel  (Read 951 times)

(RIP) Soroosh Khakshoor

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Challenging to Duel
« on: 08 October, 2015, 11:27:29 PM »
"Well then brother,I am going,See you later." Said Soroosh to Garreth while patting on his shoulder.

Soroosh picked up his small sack, And start walking out of town. After a long silent year in Savoy,Soroosh finally got bored and leaved Savoy for exploring kingdoms and earning more experience. He wore a light armor which was covered with a long black cape,Shady hair and unshaved face, While having his sword on belt. With hope of new adventure on the road,Soroosh step into foreign Kingdoms.

To All Warriors of Europe,I declare i am ready to challenge all of you to duels.Rules about place,weapon and armor is up to you. I am traveling into different Kingdoms,Hopefully each week will duel someone.
Its doesn't matter to me if you are strong or weak, I do not run away from challenges , I just want to meet up with worthy warriors across the lands to fight with.

With Respect,
Soroosh The Wandering Gryphon