Author Topic: Claim on the Duchy of Greater Poland  (Read 1099 times)

(RIP) Ivana Richeza Przemyśl

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Claim on the Duchy of Greater Poland
« on: 29 September, 2015, 11:50:28 PM »
I, Ivana Richeza,

daughter of the last Count of Przemysl, nephew of the last Duke of Wielkopolska, Władysław I the Elbowhigh reclaim our right to rule the Duchy of Wielkopolska that onsists in the regions of WIELKOPOLSKA, GNIEZNISKIE, KALISKIE and KUJAVI.
We possess the will of our beloved uncle and now demand our rights.
Since this Duchy is divided into two kingdoms, we appeal to the Polish Crown to release, even under payment, the regions of Wielkopolska and Kaliskie at the Kingdom of Prussia.

I soon marry my future husband, Ignacio King of Prussia, who then become my guardian, under the guidance of Diakonos of Königsberg, then entrust the custody of the will of my late uncle at the hands of the Holy Mother Patriarchal Church.

The will of my uncle, the last Duke of Wilekopolska, will be viewable in the Chapel of Königsberg, which houses a copy of the original.
The original document was filed in the Royal Library of Königsberg to avoid ruin.

Now we wait a reply of the Polish Crown or one of his ambassadors.

Ivana Richeza
Dukess of Wielkopolska
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(RIP) Alfonso Heredia

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Re: Claim on the Duchy of Greater Poland
« Reply #1 on: 30 September, 2015, 02:48:41 PM »
We, Igancio Garcia De Alfaro, Deus Gracia Rex Gentis Prussianae,

See the contract of engagement signed yesterday in my Royal Palace beetwen me and my promised wife Ivana Richeza, heir of the Duchy of Greater Poland,

I assume and I do my part motivates of its demands, the spokesman of my future wife. What I have is of my beloved Ivana, what is of my beloved Ivana is mine.
So I appeal to the future rulers of Poland and ask him to release the regions of WIELKOPOLSKA and KALISKIE at the Kingdom of Prussia.

I claims the fiefs of my promised wife.

The Patriarchal Church, see that the Diakonos Raymond is the tutor and protector of Ivana, have the right to claims this regions as personal fief of the Patriarch, so we can accept an intervention of His Holyness Vladimir of Kiev.

That Deus can help us to resolve this diplomatic problem.

Ignacio Garcia De Alfaro,
König von Preußen
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