Author Topic: [CRP]The battle for Zagreb  (Read 1172 times)

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[CRP]The battle for Zagreb
« on: 30 August, 2015, 02:24:06 PM »
As His Holiness can not do it himself because of illness, He ask me to be his envoy and declare the following by his will:

"By the very moment then Mao Chao,Great Almoner of Patriarchal Church, become King of Wallahia he decide in the name of peace and as act of mercy to correct all those wrongs previous king do. So he prepare and declare his intentions and its were blessed by the Holy Patriarchal Church as the High Council decide that this actions will please Our Lord, Deus Triune and will help for the conversion of lost souls of Eastern Europe to the light of The True Faith. I personaly blessed king Mao Chao and his decisions.

Because of that any person who dare to oppose this decisions oppose the will of Deus Triune himself and commit the most worse sin. It is pity that such sin going to be committed by hungarian people who ignore not only the sovereign decision of their brothers in faith but also my direct order to not interfere in Wallahian-Serbian deals.

Deus Triune, Creator of All, gave us free Will, part of His own, so we can decide our ways by ourselves , so we can make right and wrong choices and to learn from consequences. Good learners become part of His Celestial Kingdom, bad ones are doomed to burn in fires of Gehenna forever.

Now those hungarians who dare to oppose Deus`s Will in Zagreb are staying infront of the main choice in their life and they must use everything they learn from their lives to determine their destiny, because if after Battle of Zagreb started on 30th of August 1315 A.D. this province is not in serbian hands all hungarians who participate in the battle as defenders will be excommunicated from the brotherhood of followers of the Holy Patriarchal Church and blessing gaze of Our Lord Deus Triune will turn from them out.

I will pray for their souls and ask Deus to present them with wisdom to stop their sacrilege at time before it is too late.

His Holiness
Vladimir Cheshirev
Triune Patriarch of Holy Patriarchal Church
Chaplain of Her Majesty Grand Princess of Kiev"