Author Topic: Treaty of alliance between the Ancient Urbino and the Kingdom of Portugal.  (Read 1109 times)

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Article I: Justice
The citizens of the signatory Kingdoms found guilty of crimes against the same laws in force in the two kingdoms will be judged by the Magistrate of the Kingdom in which the offence was committed.

Article II : Exploitation of natural resources
All citizens of the signatory Kingdoms, or their Regents, may require the issue of an extraction permit in favour of one of their citizens. Those permits are valid until the Regent decides to cancel it. In such case, the citizen who received the permit must immediately stop extracting until he receives a new permit. Any citizen who is caught exploring resources without a permit must return the goods to the Kingdom's Royal Palace.

Article III: Public and private structures
All citizens of the signatory Kingdoms, or their Regents, may require a permit to use the structures of another Kingdom. This includes Taverns, Markets, Landfills, Prisons and Barracks, Academies, Training Grounds and Harbours.
Citizens are also free to require a permit for the acquisition of private structures such as houses, fields and workshops on either one of the signatory Kingdoms.

Article IV Mutual Defense:

All signatories agree to help defend any attack on fellow signatories. If one of the Regents of the signatory Kingdoms will be dethroned by a revolt, the signatory Kingdom will give him immediate military support to regain the throne moving war to the usurper, also,in case of internal rebellion guided by natives in one of the signatory kingdoms, the other one will support the allied with troops and all is needed in order to repress the revolt or in order to restore the legitimate government in the region.

Article V: Alliances
Each kingdom is independent in choosing their own alliances. Each signatory Kingdom is exempted from participating actively in a war (offensive line-up) in favour of another signatory Kingdom if the battle involves allies external to this treaty on the opposing faction.

Article VI : Violation of the Treaty
Each commitment and mutual constraint will be dropped if it will be proven violation of one of the Articles mentioned above. The Monarch and his/her successors are contractually obliged to comply with this treaty.

Article VII: Cancellation of the Treaty
To cancel the treaty the Monarch will have to send a letter to the other Regents followed by a formal and official statement published in the RP Forum. A total or partial rewriting of the treaty or even its cancellation may be decided in mutual agreement.

Written in Urvinum, the fourteenth day of the month of August, in the year of grace 1315.

In Fede,
per la Corona di Urbino,

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Eu, Freyia Aurora Varano, Rainha de Portugal e por direito representante dos verdadeiros Lusitanos, assino este Tratado em nome dos cidadãos Portugueses.*

I, Freyia Aurora Varano, Queen of Portugal and by right representative of the true Lusitanians, sign this treaty on behalf of the Portuguese citizens.