Author Topic: Letter at all the Byzantines!  (Read 671 times)

(RIP) Konstantinos Karamalos

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Letter at all the Byzantines!
« on: 02 August, 2015, 04:09:41 PM »
After the pilgrimage in Pest and his introduction at the Patriarchal faith and his return in Konstantinoupolis, Konstantinos become a great preacher and in some days write a letter that was posted in the major structures of Konstantinoupolis.

Dear people of the Great Holy Roman Empire,

I write you this letter to advice you that the world is in ruin. Centuries ago, our great Empire have choise to follow the religion of the One and True god Deus. Our great Emperor, Megas Konstantinos, have choise the faith of Deus.
But in this last years, with the election of the pagan emperors, our great Empire become only an appendix of the great pagan powers, Walachia and Bulgaria.

The great temple of Hagia Sophia become the house of the sins and I thanks Deus that now was destructed.

My fellow citizens, I ask at all of you to realize an examination of your conscience and understand that the only way to help the Empire to return at his glorious past is embrace the faith in the only god Deus.

If you decide to change your life and live in the right way, reply at this message and I send you an invitation at the group of the "Patriarchal Byzantines".
We can organize pilgrimages in Hungary to become follower of Deus.

I hope that one day in Konstantinoupolis we can rebuild the Hagia Sophia, but in the name of Deus!

That Deus protect all of you and our Empire,
Konstantinos Karamalos