Author Topic: In memory of Oszkár Délvidéky  (Read 844 times)

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In memory of Oszkár Délvidéky
« on: 11 June, 2015, 05:48:30 PM »

Glorious and noble man have passed away. May he be remembered as great defender of true faith. He as high priest in his native Hungary shined light of wisdom for his people. Later on as prince and king of Lithuania he dutifuly served the nation. Even when dark times came and his brother renounced the right way he remained loyal to the gods of his ancestors. When eastern barbarians dispossessed him of his wordly riches he didn't despair, but turned to the Gods even more strongly in his last month served as high priest in Savoy and performed important services for the church.  May his life full of resolution and loyalty be an example for us all.

We will bury him in great burial mound facing west  full of all he loved in his honorable life. Budrys took reins of Oszkárs favorite horse and after saying: Ride once more dear friend. Slaughter first amongst many sacrifices that day