Author Topic: Nomination for His Grace, the Prior of Chelmno  (Read 1396 times)

Leseyk Hydros

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Nomination for His Grace, the Prior of Chelmno
« on: 12 May, 2015, 06:43:40 PM »
I, Leseyk Hydros, Baron of Chelmno and Guard Captain of the same, seconded by my son Vorian Hydros, the Lieutenant of Chelmno, do hereby nominate for the position of His Grace the Prior of Chelmno, the citizen Zar Dozr.

I have the utmost faith in lord Zar Dozr, as it should be for him who is to be the Prior of Chelmno.

This nomination is contingent upon lord Zar Dozr's time spent in the yet-to-be constructed Academy of Konigsburg to receive his Bachelor's in Divinity and be thusly certified upon the requisite charismatic teachings offered by the Church of the Advent. The time allotted for lord Zar Dozr to achieve this feat of learning is no more than three months after the completion of the Academy before this nomination is opened to other candidates who fulfill the minimum requirements. At such a time, the selection will be made based upon merit, character, and history of servitude to Prussia in general and Chelmno in particular.

(RIP) Alfonso Heredia

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Re: Nomination for His Grace, the Prior of Chelmno
« Reply #1 on: 12 May, 2015, 07:47:50 PM »
At the Baron of Chelmno, Leseyk Hydros,

Lord Baron, I think that the decision to appoint the Prior of Chelmno, not be attributed to the Baron of Chelmno.
With all the respect that I have for your role and your devotion to the crown of Prussia, that concerns the matter of faith is only of competence of the King of Prussia and of the Council of the Church, already composed by Mother Nika Litras and Father Daan Provoost .
Excellent Ser Zar Dozr does not have the characteristics to become Prior and in a conversation that I had with him, it was determined that its future role will be Director of the Academy of Königsberg.
For more insights I invite you to read the Church Laws:,12750.0.html

That the blessing of Our Lord Deus be with you now and forever,
Lord Ignacio Garcia De Alfaro
King of Prussia
Prince of Adventist Church

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