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Official act of schism
« on: 12 May, 2015, 03:51:20 PM »
Kirche der Advent
Church of the Advent

We, Augustus Albrecht von Hohenzollern, the first king of the Prussians, First Exarch of the Church of the Advent,

We decree the birth of the Church of Advent based in Königsberg and thank our Lord Triune Deus lighting that has as in a dream, the night of 11 January 1315, we opened the mind and given the strength to declare the schism from the tyrant Church of Kiev, led by the son of Lianaths. Thank Deus, who has given us the strength to endure the mental pain of excommunication that I receipt.
Premonition of birth of the Holiness New Church, we are delighted to have received this excommunication has freed us from the yoke of Vladimir Cheshirev.

From now the Kings of Prussia will be also Exarcs of the Church of the Advent, and will have the prerogative to appoint the Hight Priest of Prussia, which is also Primate of Prussia.
So with the power entrusted to me by our Lord Deus and people of Prussia we name:

- Don Roderigo Cervantes, Primate of Prussia and Chaplain of Königsberg.

- Leopold Von Löwenstein, Inquisitor of Prussia and Ambassador of the Church.

From now on a new course of life was opened to the Prussian People, course illuminated by the light of Deus.

Long live Prussia!

Albrecht von Hohenzollern
König von Preußen
Exarch der Kirche des Advent
Hochmeister von Schwertbrüderorden
Baron von Königsberg und Chelmno

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