Author Topic: [Tratado] Aliança entre o Reino de Portugal e o Reino da Suécia  (Read 1028 times)

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Today, April 21, 1315, gathered in council in this city of Linkoping the Queen of Portugal, Freyia Varano, and the King of Sweden, Harald Magnusson, agreed and established the following Treaty between the two Kingdoms.

1. Mutual Defense:

All signatories agree to help defend any attack on fellow signatories. If one of the Regents of the signatory Kingdoms will be dethroned by a revolt, the signatory Kingdom will give him immediate military support to regain the throne moving war to the usurper.

2. Free Movement:

All signatories agree to allow all citizens of fellow signatories free and unrestricted movement within their territories, with the respect of the local laws.

3. Free Trade:

All signatories agree to allow all citizens of fellow signatories free and unrestricted trade within their territories as long as said citizens follow the local laws. Market taxes will be set to Allied rates.

4. Justice:

All signatories agree to allow the local laws to be upheld by local jurisdictions on any of their citizens that violate any local laws with the exception of any local laws that violate a section of this treaty. No one could be prosecuted for religious beliefs or race.

5. Resources:

Citizens of fellow signatories are free to mine the natural resources in the regions under the control of one of the Kingdoms. Before a citizen of one of the signatories may gather resources within the other Kingdom borders, a permission must be obtained by the King or by the Vassal.

O Tratado foi assinado a 22 de Abril de 1315 pelo Rei Harald Magnusson da Suécia e Rainha Freyia Varano de Portugal.

I, Harald Magnusson, King of Sweden, do hereby sign this treaty on behalf of the Kingdom of Sweden.


I, Freyia Aurora Varano, Queen of Portugal and by right representative of the true Lusitanians, sign this treaty on behalf of the Portuguese citizens.*

Eu, Freyia Aurora Varano, Rainha de Portugal e por direito representante dos verdadeiros Lusitanos, assino este Tratado pelos cidadãos Portugueses.

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