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ORP- Daily life in Prussia
« on: 20 April, 2015, 08:49:17 AM »
Zar stared out over his holdings in Prussia and he could not help but feel a little proud of what he had been able to build. He had awoken here with nothing and no memory of his past or how he had gotten where he was, in fact he had no personal memories at all before he woke up in the streets of Konigsberg with only the rags upon his back and an ache in his belly. Zar feared for his life and didn't know what he was going to do with himself, the thought that he had just been having this same conversation over and over again with himself gnawing at his perceived sanity. What if he was mad and didn't know it simply because he had forgotten all about it?

Zar might have starved to death right there in the street, endlessly searching his mind for memories that were just out of reach, if not for the arrival of a very nice lady who worked for the King. She didn't know who I was but she noticed that I was new and so had taken it upon herself to show me around. It was the type of kindness possessed by a rare few and it was that kindness that convinced Zar that he was in a place that he could some day call home. Zar worked hard and made a name for himself in these lands, he bought land to grow crops, purchased a shop and started a business, made friends and partners when he needed to. The rags on his back turned to fine clothing, created in his own shop, and the ache in his belly was replaced by a full and content stomach. Zar had a better life than he could ever remember having, small feat for sure but still one that contented him. Life was good....but then came the war.

Zar did not know how the war started, it was before his memories started, but it was all that anyone who was anyone talked about. The talk was all about Kiev, the young upstart Kingdom who started a war of expansion with a neighbor they thought they could easily defeat. Kiev did not do their due diligence however, they rushed to war without first considering the political dynamic of those they thought to conquer and as a result Kiev soon found themselves at war with nearly every other Kingdom in the realm. The King of Prussia, a man Zar had quickly come to respect, supported Kiev in this endeavor and as a result so to did Zar....but that would soon change.

King Albrecht had placed his trust in his religious adviser, a supposed man of faith motivated only by what is best for the church....but that faith was misplaced. Vlad the deceiver had used Albrecht to achieve his own selfish ends and when the King found out he denounced the man and split from the act that would ultimately lead to his demise.

You see, Vlad the deciever was not one to simply let his pawns see his true nature and live to tell the tale. A few whispered words and a bag of coins was surely all it took but before long King Albrecht was being plagued by invisible demons, ails and woes that came from nowhere and sucked away the King's strength. He had barely enough time to appoint his successor, the wise Ignacio, before he slipped from this mortal coil and was gone.

Since the death of King Albrecht Prussia has fought against the forces of the deceiver and his puppets....but the fight is not going well....


“So the prisoners were simply all released?” Zar said in an incredulous voice, barely trusting his ears for delivering him such an absurd message.

“Aye my friend, minions of the 'Supreme Court' came and took them away right before the raids, just came and set them free without even so much as an official message sent before hand. I swear to you Zar, I think I could hear the Kievian gold jingling in their pockets as they walked by me.”
The statement was a joke, Zar knew that, and yet he couldn't help but let himself wonder if perhaps it was true. The actions of the 'Supreme Court' had been very suspect as of late, very suspect indeed, and this was just another piece of evidence to support the fact that the higher powers of law in the realm had been bought and payed for.

“What about the raid itself?” Zar said as he examined the remains of his former dwelling, completely burned to the ground by the raiders. “Could none of our allies arrive in time to help us fight this battle?”

It wasn't something that Zar actually expected an answer to, he knew that the allies of Prussia had their own problems to deal with and their own lands to look after....Zar was just frustrated with the helplessness that he felt. They had defeated their enemy in battle and yet were denied the ability to be victorious, it was as if the 'Supreme Court' welcomed the strife and chaos because it just filled their pockets with more and more gold.

Zar could use a drink and so wandered off in the direction of the tavern, maybe alcohol would cure all of his woes.....

(RIP) Emma Kruger

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Re: ORP- Daily life in Prussia
« Reply #1 on: 04 May, 2015, 10:39:05 AM »
One of these days in Prussia..

Prussia. She has lived in Prussia her whole life: Born in Koenigsberg, raised in Loebenicht and returned to Koenigsberg at the age of eighteen, after her marriage with Karl Kruger, the potter's son. Emma Kruger definitely is able to say that she has seen a lot in her young life. And it is not only about the early loss of her husband barely one year after the marriage... she has lived in times of war. A war, she still does not even understand its purpose.
The only thing the redheaded widow knew for certain right at the beginning, was the fact that she didn't want to be part it. And now, after the war came to an end, she is proud to tell that she did well with it... most of the time. Of course, there is no denying that the war had an effect on the normal life in the cities, but at least she had tried to live as ordinary as possible. With success.

Today is the day... one of these days, which seems totally normal, but isn't.
Maybe it is because the woman is so deep in thoughts about the next trip to Galindia, or it is the list of goods she wants to buy at the market, or it is simply the fact that she does not pay attention to her surroundings... Whatever it is, it does not help to prevent the collision of the redhead with the man who crosses her path...