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Liturgical Calendar
« on: 10 April, 2015, 05:15:40 PM »
Below are the dates of the main celebrations of the Church of the Advent. This calendar represent the basis for all the liturgies of the Church of Prussia: all priests must adhere to this calendar and celebrate the holidays compulsory in their respective parishes.

1 Jenuary: Feast of the Rising Sun

11-12 Jenuary: Apparition of Deus at St.Albrecht Hohenzollern.

25 February: Death of St.Albrecht Hohenzollern

23-30 April: Holy Week of Cleaning of Sins and Honors at St.Albrecht Hohenzollern, ascended into heaven and is seated on the heavenly throne with Deus and Mithelin.

25 June: Holy Celebration of Mithelin, General of the Army of the Heaven.

23 September: St.Albrecht Hohenzollern, King of Kings. In this day is remember the coronation of St.Albrecht at King of Prussia.
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