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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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The commander in charge of the gate pointed towards the man waiting in line to enter the palace.

"Its him captain Sir" the soldier said hesitantly "He refused to give up his arms and claimed to know the king of England. An important man to be sure lord" he carried on a bit nervously "He had a valid invitation too and ..."

"Was your orders unclear soldier? No one bear arms in the palace halls, no exception but the queens guard"
Arn shakes his head dissapointedly
"Return to your duties at the gates, and do better this time. We WILL continue this conversation later on"

Arn motions to the two men behind him to follow. Their uniforms indicating them to be of the queens guard.. Under the capes swords are nicely hidden from view, but their  appearance makes no one in doubt, that these men are indeed men of war.

"Stay behind me and stay alert"

Arn moves towards the line people waiting to enter the palace.

"She is a radiant being is she not?" Arns says to the man in front of him watching the Queen in her throne, and as the man turns to face Arn he conitunes "Beautiful as she is wise. A pride to our nation"

The two men are now facing eachother looking into eachothers eyes.

"It goes without saying that such a wonder must be protected from hostile intend at all costs." Arns eyes moves to the weapon carried by Lord Magnusson
"Wouldnt you agree sir"

The question hangs in the air. A threat ? a command ?
The tone of Arns voice clearly showing that he is not overly joyed about the choice to bear arms in the palace.
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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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Arn and his fellow captains stands at attention as the queen enters the room.

"You called for us my queen." Arns bows before Costance

The Queen smiles at Arn and sits gracefully.

"May I first report your majesty that the Kalmarian issue have been resolved and our soldiers did you honor. Secondly, security preparations have been implemented and all departments briefed. Extra guard deployment during the festivities have been issued."

Costance lifts her hand

"Indeed I did Sir Arn" she replies

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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Axel was in Copenhagen in those days. He was freshly back from his stay in France. After a short stay at the Gripsholm castle in Södermanland, he was summoned to the capitol to assist to a meeting of the Royal Council by the Queen. When they met, the Queen bestowed him the title of Count of Södermanland. Axel took this title as sign of the Queen's satisfaction for the work he did for Denmark and as token of her friendship, which pleased and honoured him. Therefore he truly rejoiced at the announcement she gave that morning: a great fest would have been held at the Royal Palace for the anniversary of her ascension to the throne.
He was in the great hall since from the very beginning of the fest, listening to the names of the noble and honourable guests of the Queen. She was there, gracefully seated on the royal throne, lovely smiling to her guests. The bright star of Denmark was shining in all her benevolent splendour.
Axel looked at his dark blue robe, hand embroidered gold sewing thread, but he was just a dark, humble figure compared to the royal splendour of the Queen. He left the area of the throne's canopy, moving to a more quite corner of the great hall. From that point, he could observe the fest and all the guests.

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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Costance was greeting her guests , a few brief words with everyone while a procession of highlords and ladies, all in silk and gemstones, marched in front of her . Servants moved back and forth for helping all the nobles with their cloacks.

" My Lady , who is that tall man wrapped in fur speaking with Captain Magnusson ? He seems one of those vikings whom you are teaching to your pupils , my Queen ", said Ingrid, her damsel , looking at the two men with a certain curiosity .

Costance followed Ingrid's look direction and her eyes met those of Lord Harald Magnusson .

" Oh, it's him !", and her eyes sparkled for an istant .

" Him Lady ? Who ? ", Ingrid asked to Her Majesty.

" He is Lord Harald Magnusson , Ingrid.  A man cold as stone. One year ago, I spent many nights writing to him and arguing by letters ".

"Really , Madame ? - Ingrid was puzzled " And why ?  Did you love him and your love wasn 't returned, my Queen ? "

"No Ingrid, I didn't love him ..... I hated him ."

The poor girl was really astonished . Since she was at the queen's service , she never had heard her queen to pronounce such words . Queen Costance who hated somebody ! This was a great surprise for Ingrid and she shyly asked : " And now, my Queen ? Do you still hate him ?"

" Now, Ingrid ? Lot of things changed in one year and I don't want to think at the past, not this night ....our people doesn't appreciate him and the memory still gives bad dreams , I know ....but, all I want is respect for him and by his side respect for us. It's impossible to expect that everyone forgets : bad memories can not be erased as the wave clears the footprint on the sand ".


Costance stava salutando i suoi ospiti, qualche breve scambio di parole con ognuno mentre un corteo di nobili uomini e donne d'alto rango , tutti in seta e gemme preziose, sfilavano davanti a lei. I servitori andavano avanti e indietro aiutando tutti quei nobili coi loro mantelli .

" Mia signora, chi e' quell'uomo alto avvolto in una pelliccia che parla col capitano Magnusson ? Sembra uno di quei vichinghi di cui insegnate ai vostri allievi , mia regina " , disse Ingrid, la sua damigella, guardando i due uomini con una certa curiosita'.

Costance segui' la direzione dello sguardo di ingrid e i suoi occhi incontrarono quelli di Lord Harald Magnusson .

" Oh !  e' lui ! e i suoi occhi blu brillarono per un istante .

" Lui ?  Lui chi, mia regina ? " chiese Ingrid .

" Lui e' Lord Harald Magnusson, Ingrid . Un uomo freddo come la pietra . Un anno fa trascorsi molte delle mie notti scrivendogli e litigando con lui per lettera."

"Davvero, mia signora ? - Ingrid era meravigliata - " e come mai ? "Lo amavate e lui non corrispondeva il vostro amore, mia regina?"

" No Ingrid, non lo amavo lo odiavo ."

La povera ragazza era sbalordita . Da quando era al servizio della regina, non aveva mai sentito Sua Maesta' pronunciare tali parole , e timidamente chiese : " Ed ora , mia sovrana ? Lo odiate ancora ?"

" Adesso, Ingrid ?  Molte cose sono cambiate in un anno ed io non voglio pensare al passato, non stanotte nostro popolo non lo apprezza e il suo ricordo provoca ancora brutti sogni in tutti loro  , lo so , ma cio' che voglio e' che sia rispettato e che ci rispetti .
E' impossibile attendersi che tutti dimentichino : i brutti ricordi non si cancellano come l'onda cancella le orme sulla sabbia."

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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Non passò molto tempo dall'attracco, che due guardie con vessilli danesi si presentarono al cospetto di Palmerino.

Spiegarono di avere il compito di accompagnare il re di Roma al palazzo reale.

E così fu.

Entrarono nella grande sala, prima le due guardie danesi, poi Palmerino seguito da tre uomini della guardia romana.

Avevano lasciato ogni arma all'ingresso, ma bastava un rapido sguardo per accorgersi che l'atmosfera era tranquilla, e difficilmente ci sarebbero stati disordini.

Palmerino vide subito Costance, impegnata in saluti ed inchini.

Ci volle un po' perchè lei lo notasse. Gli sguardi si incrociarono per un attimo, e poi un sorriso complice.

Come da etichetta, Palmerino si lasciò accompagnare al suo posto, attendendo un cenno della regina.


It was not long from docking, that two guards with Danish flags presented themselves to Palmerino.

They explained that they have the task of accompanying the King of Rome to the royal palace.

And so it was.

They entered the great hall, first the two Danish guards, then Palmerino followed by three men of the Roman guard.

They had left each weapon at the entrance, but  a quick look was enough to see that the atmosphere was quiet, and hardly there would be riots.

Palmerino immediately saw Constance, engaged in greetings and bows.

It took a while untill she would notice him. The eyes met for a moment, and then a knowing smile.

As named, Palmerino let them accompany him  at his place, waiting for a sign of the queen.

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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She is a radiant being is she not? a voice at his left said. Harald turned to see who was talking to him, at least he knew just few danes and it would have been curious to meet some of them there. Beautiful as she is wise. A pride to our nation the man continued looking at the Queen. He saw a young man bearing a lightining armors with the royal banners embroided. He wasn't a tall one but under the armor it was easy to understand a trained body.
Harald turned again towards the Queen, indeed she was a beautiful woman. Yes, she is Harald replayied, than turning again to the man he continued Wise? well my Lord, I could introduce you to some crowned heads that have not your same opinion. However I do agree with you: Danes must be pride of their Queen.

The man was still serious and Harald understood he wasn't used to deal with all of that noble etiquette, a man of action. Too young to deal with old Nobles and Regents used to politics? Harald would have discovered it soon.

It goes without saying that such a wonder must be protected from hostile intend at all costs. The young man said, his eyes looking for something on him.
Wouldnt you agree sir? he finally added.

Harald understood that this man was the Guard Captain of the Royal Guards, probably informed about his arrival by the guards at the Palace doors.

Still looking at the man Harald smiled. What are you looking for my Lord? Weapons? Do you really think that I could be so stupid to carry weapons into the throne room while the Queen of Danmark is celebrating her first regency anniversary? Do you? Ah! ah! Harald laughed. Than looking at the man again My dear Captain if I would had like to have your Queen's head, I'd have cut it personally one year ago. Harald saw the men behind him putting their hands on their swords. But I'm not such a barbarian. Despite what had been said to your ears about me, I'm a true northern man, a man of honor and I don't need to cut Queens' heads. Truth is that I don't need to cut anybody's heads untill they don't insult me. The Captain seemed to be a bit confused. Now, Do I think are you insulting me? or just think I'm in front of a too zeelant and inexperienced young Guard Captain?

Harald looked around them and saw that most of the nobles were looking at that scene. Harald smiled because he reached his target. Despite his young age the Guard Captain was wise enough to understand that any hurting move against Harald would have brought shame on him and especially on his Queen publicly.

Harald saw that the two nobles in front of him had been received and greeted by the Queen that now was looking at him.

Without looking at the Captain, Harald said Your Queen is waiting for me. We'll talk about that later. And if you'd be still interested in taking a look to my weapons I'll be glad to show you my war hammer. Than he moved forward in front of the Queen.

Harald was serious as the Queen is. Looking at her from that short distance showed him Queen's finest lineaments.

Harald bowed his head a bit and than, while standing up, he said Your Highness, I'm glad to be here today to celebrate Your first regency anniversary. It has been a pleasure to visit Sijaelland once more and to find a growing and busy community, may Your reign be long and prosperous for your People.
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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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Harald Magnusson, now with his back to Arn left his parting remark hang in the air, moving on to see the queen.

"What an arrogant man" Arn cursed although admiring the brazenness of Harald.

Arn had been away for many years and much had happened in his beloved country in his absence. There is a lot of bad history here.

The logic of Lord Magnusson not having any weapons on him was clear to Arn but it had to be verified no matter what the cost may be to his pride.

Arns train of thought was soon broken as he saw another potential problem enter the palace. A person equally flamboyant Soroosh Khakshoor.

The memories of his last encounter with this man made Arn shudder but a weak smile appeared on his face as well.

"You stay here and watch Lord Magnusson" Arn told the guard "and stay in the shadows and for the love of god , DO NOT offend that man"

Arn then pointed in the direction of Soroosh Khakshoor "and you watch this man. The same orders goes for you. DO NOT challenge this man in any way and stay in the back.
Notify me if any, shall we say, surprises happens. You will know when and if ... believe me..."

"Is he a danger my lord" the guards asks

"No .. only if you make him mad. He is more .. unpredictable"

Arn made sure the guards understood their orders and went on with his business still thinking about Harald Magnusson. "He did say we would talk again" Arn mused "hopefully without the hammer"

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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While holding a wine glass,Soroosh took a look around "Beautiful Hall Indeed!" Said Soroosh to Garreth that was standing near him "But why you made me to not wear my armor? And why would they took my weapons? I feel empty without them...."
"Sigh,Don't ask me.Anyway stand firm and good,Show a smile like we trained." Said Garreth "You need to show some good manners so this view people got from Savoy as a barbaric country change."
"For God sake!! Just look right now someone pointed at me. I am sure they are making fun of me. " Cried Soroosh "You know i don't like noble cloths or stuff like that."
" Ahh that was Sir Arn.....I guess he didn't make fun of you since,look soldiers around us now staring more,Well i guess we know what orders he just gave." Said Garreth "Well anyway i know you don't like it,But you must act like a noble in front of nobles. atleast until you are in Savoy."
"Ok Ok got it." Cried Soroosh "But hey don't you think Arn changed alot from last time that we meet him? Wonder if he got stronger....Now i want to duel with him again. Well before you start whining in my ears about this stuff lets go to a table i am starving!" Then walked toward one of tables that his men was eating at "Alright give that plate here." Said Soroosh while putting his wine down.
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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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He was invited by the queen and tried to come immediately.
if he came more late, he could put in the prison by the queen
but she do not know, why he was late.
He was really in late ...but the reason for his delay was that he had collected the most beautiful flowers of the alpine mountain peaks for her

Attila the Hun

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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Sort of northern paradise.

Music, good food and beverages, nice women from everywhere, interesting talks. Berton, used to a simplest way of life, was really delighted.

He was just curious about the special interest of Queen's guards on two people.

Soroosh was a nearly obvious target, their friendship too started in a really strange way  in Portugal.

He mostly wondered why someone had to survey Harald right now. Maybe he eated all the roastbeff here last time?  That shouldn't be strange at all, as he's able to eat lot more.

Not my problem - he thought-  I'm here to enjoy the evening.

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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Costance saw her friend King Palmerino taking place in his reserved place , she motioned him to come closer and with a smile she said :
What a joy to see you ! How long it has been , very very long...
You look well but tired, my friend, maybe the long journey ... I trust my people have been taking good care of you ?

Her joy was evident from the smile on her face .

" Promise me to stay at least a couple of days, my dear friend ,  I want to show you all the most charming places of my kingdom  " ended Costance  waiting for her friend's reply .

The royal steward opened the door and announced that the banquet was starting in the Great Hall .
Costance invited all the presents to reach the Great Hall and smiled again when in the middle of the crowd , at the end of the room, she recognized her friend Attila Hun , a great merchant , very kind and often in visit to her realm for trades, every time with a different incredible gift for her .
That night, he had a magnific bouquet in his hands and he smiled looking at her .
But the surprises were not over , in front of her was Lord Harald Magnusson saying :
Your Highness, I'm glad to be here today to celebrate Your first regency anniversary. It has been a pleasure to visit Sijaelland once more and to find a growing and busy community, may Your reign be long and prosperous for your People.


Costance vide il suo amico Re Palmerino prendere posto e gli fece cenno di avvicinarsi dicendo con un sorriso :

Che gioia rivedervi ! Quanto tempo ...tanto, tanto tempo ! Vi trovo bene ma stanco, amico mio, forse il lungo viaggio...spero che la mia gente si sia presa ben cura di voi .

La sua gioa era evidente nel sorriso sul suo viso.

" Promettetemi amico mio che resterete almeno un paio di giorni, voglio mostrarvi i luoghi piu' affascinanti del mio reame ", termino' Costance aspettando la risposta del suo amico.

Lo steward reale apri' le porte annunciando che il banquetto stava per iniziare nella Grande Sala .
Costance invito' i presenti a raggiungere la sala e sorrise di nuovo quando, in mezzo alla folla, riconobbe il suo amico Attila Hun, un gran mercante, molto gentile  e spesso in visita al suo regno per commerci , ogni volta con un incredibile dono per lei.
Quella notte , aveva in mano uno splendido mazzo di fiori e la guardava sorridendo.

Ma le sorprese non erano finite, di fronte a lei stava Lord Harald Magnusson che stava dicendo :
" Vostra Altezza, sono felice di essere qui oggi per festeggiare il primo anniversario della vostra reggenza. E' un piacere visitare Sjaelland ancora una volta e trovare una comunita' impegnata e in crescita, possa il vostro regno essere lungo e prosperoso per il vostro popolo ".

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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Giulia was at the Royal Palace. Those were very difficult times. A long war didn't admitting neither levity nor distractions of her attention.
The Flemish Lion having to prove his strength and his balance at the same time.
A page brought some letters. She opened the one with the seal of the Danish Crown and smiled.
Her memory went back to a year before - A war even then...
She hesitated for a while, her eyes turned to the window, actually seeing nothing in front of her, but looking inside herself.
She whispered - Maybe...
Then she wrote a brief letter of reply to Queen Constance and gave orders for all preparations for the journey, convening also the Lord Chancellor Robrecht de Béthune.
In the case the war could require her presence elsewhere, his presence would still witnessed the friendship between their Kingdoms.

They put ashore in Copenhagen in broad daylight. No feeling of spring yet in the air, the climate still stiff, but the town was a festival parade.
Giulia brightened into a radiant smile that seemed to dissolve her concerns of those difficult times -What a riot of colors, isn't it, Lord Robrecht?
Then she motioned for him to inform the proper authorities on their arrival.


Giulia era a Palazzo Reale. Erano tempi difficili. Una lunga guerra che non ammetteva nè leggerezze nè distrazioni della sua attenzione.
Il leone fiammingo doveva dimostare  la sua forza e il suo equilibrio al tempo stesso.
Un paggio le aveva portato alcune missive. Aprì quella che recava il sigillo della Corona danese e sorrise.
La memoria andò indietro ad un anno prima - Una guerra anche allora...
Esitò per un attimo, lo sguardo rivolto alla finestra, in realtà senza vedere nulla davanti a sè, ma guardando all'interno di se stessa.
Mormorò fra sè - Forse...
Scrisse una breve lettera di risposta alla Regina Costance e poi diede ordine che venissero fatti i preparativi per il viaggio e convocato pure il Lord Cancelliere Robrecht de Béthune.
Se la guerra avesse richiesto la sua presenza altrove, la presenza di lui avrebbe comunque testimoniato l'amicizia fra i loro Regni.

Sbarcarono a Copenaghen a giorno fatto. Non si sentiva ancora aria di primavera, il clima ancora rigido, ma la città era parata a festa.
Giulia si illuminò in un sorriso, che sembrò sciogliere le preoccupazioni di quei tempi difficili - Che tripudio di colori, vero, Lord Robrecht?
Poi gli fece cenno di avvertire chi di dovere del loro arrivo.

Verba movent, exempla trahunt - εἶ, γνῶθι σεαυτόν, μηδὲν ἄγαν

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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Stepping ashore, in the footsteps of my Queen, I rehearsed the few Danish phrases I had learned during the sea voyage.

Hil dig, Dronning af Danmark
Du er smuk
Hvor kan man spise her?

Oh, excuse me, Your Royal Highness. ... Ah, yes, yes, definitely!

Guard! Can you show us the quickest way to the Royal Palace, please? And inform your Queen that Her Royal Highness of Flanders is arriving!

I ordered my page, Roeland, to deliver us a carriage as soon as possible for the ride from the port to the Royal Palace. Allé, hurry, hurry.

My Queen, Roeland will provide us with a carriage as soon as possible, I said, bowing.

In less than a minute, stopped there for us a wonderful carriage rides. I reached my hand as support and thus helped my Queen in the carriage rides and took place in front of her. Meanwhile yelling at the coachman: to the Royal Palace! As quickly as possible!

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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All the invited nobles started to move to the Great hall, bowing their head and backing away respectfully .

Costance looked Lord Harald Magnusson greeting her , in an istant  she relived all the past . She would gladly slapped that cold man and roasted him over a fire , but she remembered her father 's words " You'll  be a lady " and she said to herself : "Calmly! Choose your words with care, be kind and don't offend him ".

Costance , the woman , would have answered :" Spare me your sweet words, lord Harald ", that man arousing in her a rude reaction ;
Costance, the queen, answered :
 " Welcome my Lord, it's a pleasure to have you here this night , I hope you 'll enjoy yourself " and having observed all her courtesies , she added :

" My guards informed me about your arrival and your meeting with them . You have a bold tongue, my lord,  one day someone could plan to cut it out and make you eat it ! "
she exclaimed laughing .

The year before she felt only a simple girl in front of him , now she was a woman and dueling with words with that irascible man was not a concern anymore, but only a pleasant amusement .

"My Lady, I beg you pardon for having put a stop at your conversation, but i' like to inform you that Queen Giulia from Flanders arrived with her Chancellor , lord dé Bethune " , said Ingrid approaching to the queen .


Tutti i nobili invitati iniziarono a spostarsi verso la Grande Sala , chinando il capo e indietreggiando rispettosamente.
Costance guardava lord Harald Magnusson che la stava salutando, avrebbe volentieri schiaffeggiato quell'uomo freddo e lasciato rosolare sopra un fuoco ,
ma ricordo' le parole del padre " Sarai una signora " e disse a se stessa :

Con calma ! scegli bene le parole , sii gentile e non offenderlo ".

Costance, la donna, avrebbe risposto " Risparmiatemi le vostre dolci parole, mio signore " , tanto quell'uomo suscitava in lei una rude reazione;
Costance, la regina, rispose : " Benvenuto mio signore, e' un piacere avervi qui stasera, spero vi divertirete", ed avendo osservato tutte le regole di buona cortesia, aggiunse :

" Le mie guarde mi hanno informata del vostro arrivo e del vostro incontro con loro , signore, ....avete una lingua audace, un giorno qualcuno potrebbe pensare di tagliarvela e farvela mangiare ", esclamo' ridendo .

L'anno prima si sentiva solo una semplice ragazza di fronte a lui, adesso era una donna e duellare con le parole con quell'uomo irascibile non le faceva paura, ma era solo un piacevole divertimento.

"Mia Signora, chiedo venia se ho interrotto la vostra conversazione, ma desideravo informarvi dell'arrivo della regina Giulia dalle Fiandre col suo cancelliere Lord dé Bethune ", disse Ingrid avvicinandosi  alla regina.

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Re: ORP - The first anniversary of regency
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Dandeto arrived in SJAELLAND. Lady Laura de Lanza, the cancelorand a good friend of the queen, met her at the gates of the palace.

"Welcome, lady Dandeto. Let me escort you to your apartment. The queen ordered for you a room overseeing our lovely garden. You must be tired, so I will leave you to rest from the long journey.
"Thank you, lady Laura, it is an honor to be your guest.

After she was rested from the long journey, Dandeto went on the balcony. The tea had been served and she enjoyed the peace and the beauty of the landscape. Afterwards, she decided to go for a walk and to meet with some of her friends, who two had come to honor the queen. Amongst all guests, Dandeto could not see one in particular - Principe De Sangro, a good friend of hers.

"Where could he be?" - she was wandering. "I came all the way to Denmark and have not seen him yet. Perhaps he is quite busy organizing the ball.

It was almost dark when the guests were heading towards the ball room. it was time for the ball to begin. Dandeto went inside and the beauty of the room took her by surprise. "It is marvelous here, there are flowers from all over the world.
She then took a seat and waited with the rest of the guests for the queen to arrive.
 And there she was - most beautiful than ever. The queen greeted everyone.

"Dear queen, it is an honor to be here on behalf of my people.My father Hector is currently along with the soldiers in this long war and so they can not be here. He sends his regards to you. Let me give you this wonderful present - a perfume, made by the unique scent of a Bulgarian rose."

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