Author Topic: Return of Gryphon  (Read 1280 times)

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Return of Gryphon
« on: 31 January, 2015, 06:57:04 PM »
Soroosh Khakshoor opened his eyes, as he heard wolf howling. He sat up immediately and looked out of the window.
The snow storm, that had lasted for ages as it had seemed to the warrior, had finally stopped.
Soroosh didn't hestitate to get out of his bed and moved over to the window. Supported with his hands on the
window sill, he looked over the snowy mountains. The view from his little hut was surely nothing but breath-taking.
The man turned away to check his appearance in the mirror. A smirk found its way on Soroosh' face,
as he stroked over his chin. His beard had grown a lot - same with his hair. No wonder. It has been months since he
left Savoy.
One day the man suddenly became seriously ill and went to his little hut on the mountains for a climate change.
Unfortunately he had to take off from work and neglected his training - as well as his friends at home, that were
waiting each day for his return. And Soroosh didn't wanted to let them wait any longer. "Better shave beard first
and do something with this hair"
, he said to himself and chuckled. "No one will recognize me." So the warrior
started to shave his beard off with his razor blade. As he checked his hair, he decided to simply cut it with
his knife. Soroosh took another look into the mirror and smiled satisfied. But, now that he looked like a human
again, he thought it couldn't be too bad to smell like one again.
After a long, hot bath Soroosh put on new clothes and went over to a wooden chest. He opened it and took out
the sword, that had been by his side for so long. As his fingers wrapped around the hilt, he man had to smile.
After he swang the sword through the air a few times he even grinned. "Feels good to wield you again", he said to
his sword and pushed it into the leather scabbard, that he had tied to his belt.As Soroosh had finished to pack his stuff, he went outside of the little hut. While he stretched a bit, he let his
view wander over the mountains. Behind them, his friends were waiting for him. He couldn't wait to see them back.
Living alone in a hut of the top of the mountains could be pretty lonely and made Soroosh even more excited of
returning to Savoy.
With a last look at his hut he started walking towards Savoy, his friends...
Also to reach his dream - becoming the Strongest Warrior of them all.
And he would train like hell to make it real!

(RIP) Daniel MacFie

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Re: Return of Gryphon
« Reply #1 on: 01 December, 2015, 11:51:19 AM »
Awesome little skit there Sir Soroosh!

Love it!
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