Author Topic: Formal Request for Initiation of Criminal Prosecution  (Read 1024 times)

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Formal Request for Initiation of Criminal Prosecution
« on: 16 January, 2015, 02:51:56 AM »
Your Honor,

as an honest and law-abiding citizen of this kingdom I address you to bring to your attention the following observations I had to witness lately. In order to maintain the order and to follow the laws of the Kingdom of Saxony I request you to press charges against the respective perpetrators according to valid law.

I will leave it to your righteous judgment as the representative agency of criminal prosecution to initiate appropriate measures and to secure the stability of the law according to your discretion.

Here are my observations:
I came to witness the following subjects violating clause 2 of article 5 of section 1 of the Constitution (bearing of arms and armor while not under imminent danger) which, with regards to the National Security Act, may very well be considered as an attempt to disturb the peace.

I would also like to report the following citizens being members of a criminal and legally prosecuted riotous assembly forbidden within the Kingdom of Saxony by previous ruling.
(please refer your predecessors ruling: 'Since it is obvious that all their actions where coordinated within the public group 'Saxonian citizens' I declare this group hostile to the kingdom of Saxony. Membership of this group (former or present) is regarded as supportive for the conduction of criminal deeds and shall be prosecuted accordingly in additional trials.')

Additionally, I request an investigation of a suspected misuse of authority and violation of legislation.

On 13 January 2015, 11:40:04, an amnesty for imprisoned criminals has been announced, inmates of the correction facility in Pinsk, discharging them from prison.

Amnesty in the honor of victory!

Brave warriors
Foma Bodin, Vladimir Artrald, Ivana Susanin, Vladimir Kalita, Aleksandar Donskoj, Mary Kuznetsova, Boris Gromov, Magnus Galte, Martin Wagner, Pyotr Zurov, Stepan Kishka, Drwall Van Loon, Viktor Volkov, Neri Shaad, Alexei Grozny, Vanjka Susanin, Radost Konstantinovic, Alan Shore, Ernst Weber, Robert Berthier, Svatomir Brodnik
gets amnesty for all previous infringement, if any.

However, there is no such privilege granted to any authority in Saxony.
Assumingly our King Radost was proclaiming a new law, which should have come into effect no sooner than 16 Jan. 2015.
But the potential law was neither published at the announcement board, as directed by the rules, nor was it granted the grace period of 3 days.

Quote from: wiki
There are some specific requirements on how to write a law?

5.    Laws can't be retroactive
6.    Laws must have a 'grace period' of at least three days
8.    Law must specify the date upto when is valid (end date) or clearly specify it doesn’t expire
9.    Laws must be published in game in English Language and contain at least:
        a clear description;
        the target of the law;
        law classification;
10.  Old Laws which have been replaced by new Laws for the same crime must be deleted within 24 hours of the new Law being in effect;

as can be observed here:

While Aleksandar Donskoj could not be sent there due to technical difficulties, Ivana Susanin, Magnus Galte and Vladimir Artrald were accidently released early by Higher Jurisdiction without consultation of the enforcing authorities.

In order to maintain proper execution of verdicts of this court you may want to enforce the subsequent outstanding punishments according to valid law in addition to any new verdicts:

1. Mary Kuznetsova to 9 days imprisonment and a fine of 4.160,62 silver

2. Svatomir Brodnik to 9 days imprisonment and a fine of 3.360,62 silver

3. Vanjka Susanin to 3 days imprisonment and a fine of 1.400 silver

4. Drwall Van Loon to 3 days imprisonment and a fine of 1.400 silver

5. Viktor Volkov to 3 days imprisonment and a fine of 1.000 silver

6. Boris Gromov to 3 days imprisonment and a fine of 1.200 silver

7. Martin Wagner to 3 days imprisonment and a fine of 1.000 silver

8. Stepan Kishka to 9 days imprisonment and a fine of 3.328,62 silver

9. Pyotr Zurov to 9 days imprisonment and a fine of 3.331,62 silver

10. Magnus Galte to 3 days imprisonment and a fine of 1.000 silver

11. Vladimir Artrald to 3 days imprisonment and a fine of 1.000 silver

12. Vladimir Kalita to 3 days imprisonment and a fine of 1.000 silver

13. Alexei Grozny to 9 days imprisonment and a fine of 3.560,62 silver

14. Ivana Susanin to 3 days imprisonment and a fine of 1.000 silver

15. Foma Bodin to 9 days imprisonment and a fine of 3.360,62 silver

16. Aleksandar Donskoj to 9 days imprisonment and a fine of 3.360,62 silver

Certainly, you might want to report this misuse of Capt. Isvan Kiss' competency to higher authorities to maintain credibility of this court.
May I take the liberty of reminding you that as result of these exploits only, the gentlemen Aleksandar Donskoj and Martin Wagner were in the position of taking office back here in Bremen to begin their work?
And three other convicts,

were enabled to join the battle for Galich in time,

although they actually shouldn't have been.
You might want to contact their individual opponents and try to settle for a compensation for the wounds they've suffered.

I have every confidence in your duteousness and hence rely on you prosecuting the suspects according to the evidence I provided.
Fully aware of formal procedures I assume I will remain a bit ridden by fears for my personal safety as citizen of this kingdom, until you finally choose to open a (or more) potential trial(s), for which I shall gladly offer my service as witness should you require my testimony, AND THEN refrain these notorious criminals from roaming around freely.

Quote from: wiki
Also, in order to keep the defendant from leaving town during his trial, the "victim" (or the Judge, when opening the trial) can contact the Guard Captain, who may at any time choose to perform a Restrain act upon the defendant in order to keep that defendant within the country for a period of up to 48 hours.

That is, of course, if the slogan you have chosen for yourself as Chief Justice of the Kingdom is nothing but pure, subtle irony!

Then, on the other hand, I might as well be satisfied with not having to be afraid of such subjects anymore when I was far away and safe from their threatening and would probably just simply forget about what I saw over time…

Awaiting your decision with great excitement and remaining

Yours sincerely

Götz v. Berlichingen
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Re: Formal Request for Initiation of Criminal Prosecution
« Reply #1 on: 16 January, 2015, 03:54:07 AM »
Dear sir Götz,

I thank you for your alertness about law following in Kingdom of Saxony. According the Codex:

Any person who is a witness to a crime, a victim of criminal activity, or a victim of unfair treatment may contact a Judge of the Kingdom where the crime is committed to present all relevant facts and evidence. The Judge then decides whether the facts and/or evidence provided against a suspect merit the opening of a Trial.

So I decide that facts and evidence provided against a suspect do not merit the opening of a Trial. There is no requirements king`s pardon to be issued as separate law because laws are principles of rightful live and pardon is individual decision ot man in power.

As I am just a servant appointed by the Reichstag I have no credentials to object the will of higher ranks and especially of The King.

As I informed from highest authority:

- all mentioned people have a royal permission to wear weapons as the kingdom is in state of war with several kingdoms, as you can see in Diplomatic relations.

Article 5 Prohibition of Unlawful Assembly

An unlawful assembly or gathering with weapons is prohibited. The wearing of armor and / or weapons within the state borders is permitted only in time of war and with the explicid permission of the king.

- as all members of mentioned group are pardoned by the king by names in my oppinion the group itself is pardoned too. And as this group was not declared as hostile to the kingdom by separate law, so it is no need in special law this deceision of previous judge to be overruled by higher official especialy by the King.

So you have my answer and I will not return to this discusion again till have such an order from the King. You are free to plad directly to the king if you think you must.