Author Topic: [Nameless Knight Chronicles] Blood in Galich.  (Read 1172 times)

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[Nameless Knight Chronicles] Blood in Galich.
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The Crow of Death flew above the land of Galich.  With the Dawn, spirits of darkness crawled from the deeps of hell to capture new souls. A battle between armies began. Nameless Knight's first opponent was a strong woman captain. Without hesitation, Nameless Knight  ascended womens poor soul in to the hell. Her name was Sophia, she was a fine person but her heart got corrupted by the heresy and she chose the path of the sinner. Another opponent was an English captain, James Wilson with a fancy weapon, still...the end of that weak captain was the same as heretic Sophia, he got ascended to the deeps of hell for taking a path of the sinner. And finally, bleeding Nameless knight felt to the grown from the coward strike made by a captain of Bohemia, Vlad Staurov. It took three Guard Captains to take down the Knight.