Author Topic: [CLOSED]AZ: 1314/028 The people against Harald Magnusson  (Read 2452 times)

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Re: AZ: 1314/028 The people against Harald Magnusson
« Reply #15 on: 20 January, 2015, 12:22:05 AM »
I am tired fo you, Götz v.Berlichingen. I several times ask you to address your procedural pleads to me in PM or to administration. Also I warned you to not speack in the court withour my permision and what will follow if you disobey.

You Last speach I will consider as your  closing remarks with which you deliver bad service to your client. You was apointed to prove precariousness of accusations not to dispute this court legitimacy. As you fail to do your job I am forced to accept Prosecutor`s plea.

Harald Magnusson is recognized by this court as GUILTY for violation of National Security Act and sentenced to pay a fine of 1000 sp and 3 days imprisonment. Defendant have 24 hours to deposit fine to Court building, after that he will be inprisoned. If he do not willingly give up himself, arrest order will be issued and passed to Guard Captain.

By this I proclaim this trila closed.