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Petition to the Supreme Court of Europe
« on: 19 January, 2015, 08:36:10 PM »
Most honorable Chief Justice,
Lords and Ladies of the Grand Jury,
cherished Ladies and Gentlemen,
my fellow Saxons

among the things we hold dearest lies our right to be individual and to seek felicity in our very own way.
Upon this high principle the former Kingdom of Saxony was founded, it's the importance even embedded as the 1st article of the Constitution. It contains the liberty of the individual to freely choose the way one lives, works and dresses, of where one settles down, of what profession one chooses and what god one prays to. This principle is the nucleus to freedom itself and only limited to the extend where exercising this right restricts others in doing the same.
For this reason generalities must be introduced and applied which arrange for multiple induvidual persuing their individual goals without interfering each other. Those rules we call laws.

Laws need to be

standardized, universal, comprehensible and consistent

for each individual both to understand and to rely upon in order to arrange oneself with them and one's fellow citizens. Only then can a community grow to become a nation or even a kingdom or a realm!

What we had to witness over the last 7 days opposes every single aspect of this principle!

It is obvious that the single purpose of these trials held before the court of Bremen is not to seek justice, but retaliation. They were not intended to restore the peace within the borders of Saxony or for the sake of it's people but to gain financial redemption for effords spent to destabilize it - spent by those who by foul means of treachery, fraud and deceit now wield power over those who tried to save all the good this kingdom once stood for!

In order to do so a series of severe violations of the rules in general and of trial proceedures in particular have been attempted and several inconsistancies have been revealed. With your permission I will present those to this High Court, humbly requesting an exemplary ruling and, if so, instructions on where I am mistaken. The true facts of the matter are as follows:

It all started on last weeks Tuesday, Jan. 13th, of this year of our Lord Teos 1315, when the Kingdom of Saxony finally came to bare the brunt of the subversive work prepared by the minions of Kiev for quite some time (I only refere to it's origin because it has already been proclaimed as such by those in charge) and, despite the determined valiantness of her defenders, eventually fell before the baseness of the aggressors.

3 days in advance to this coup and yielded to despair, the local judge (represented by my humble person) executed the existing arrest warrant for the head of the marauders, Radost Konstantinovic, and successfully transfered the subject the correction facilities in Pinsk.
Since, according to the rules neither restrain, nor arrest orders should have been executable after a revolt was initiated, the subject was released and returned to the city of Bremen only 2 hours later – a shining example of the rapid reaction to filed complains and defectiveness of game mechanics.

Then 3 days later, on that fateful day of the revolution, just recovered from his severe wounds, the Judge of Bremen (still represented by my humble person) executed the remaining arrest warrants, issued after a series of crimes against the public order in general and the houses of our Lord Teos in specific, to successfully arrested some of the 14 most wanted criminal in Europe, mainly for violating the banishment cast upon them to never return to Saxony again and some other previous crimes, and sent them to the same facilities.

However, another bug prevented 2 more of that same criminal pack to share their companion's fate. This faultiness was instantly brought to the attention of the Higher Gods on Jan. 13th, at 10:41 a.m. (proof on file) and while one of the subjects finally was arrested at 12:05 p.m. The trouble with the last subject remained the same; Aleksandar Donskoj could not be sent to prison to serve his well deserved time there.

It was not until the day after that, Wed. Jan 14th at 09:27 a.m. that this bug had been fixed! But at 11:02 a.m. I was striped of my office as judge and the very same Aleksandar Donkoj was made Captain of the Guard in Bremen.

who instantly restrained me and 12 of my comrades who defended the gates against the rebels the day before. Under that state of restainment we still suffer to this very point!

The mandatory trials were only opened 9 hours later and to these trials I will refere now.
It is said
Quote from: wiki, The Trial
The Trial Process
When a law is suspected of being broken in ME there are specific rules for opening and prosecuting that crime in any Kingdom’s Court of Law.
I appeal to this High Court because the way these specific rules were neglected is beyond measure and I will indicate as to how.
Starting with the opening of a trial the carefull reader may learn from the same page as mentioned above, the order in which to do such is
the Judge then opens that trial in the appropriate Kingdom Court of Law sub-forum
He would then notify both the Defendant and the Prosecutor via PM of the trial
the Judge of the Kingdom where the trial is taking place must use the in-game functions of the Court House building menu to create the Crime Procedure
in order to keep the defendant from leaving town during his trial, the "victim" (or the Judge, when opening the trial) can contact the Guard Captain, who may at any time choose to perform a Restrain act upon the defendant in order to keep that defendant within the country

As I have mentioned earlier, here step 4. was taken 9 hours in advance of step 1.

It is commonly known that a trial consists of 7 individual steps and it can be read:
Quote from: wiki, The Trial
The Trial
Each step should be concluded within 24 hours of the previous step.

I have taken the liberty of preparing an overview of the time table of the cases, as well as included in red the inconsistancies of the diagram taken from the wiki-page.
The times indicated show an average and were sometimes even exceeded well beyond even that.

Obviously these trials were purely meant to restain me and my fellow Saxons as long as possible without the intention of bringing up solid charges to begin with!

The reader may convince himself of the infamous methods of the jurisdiction himself in reviewing the individual cases, double-check historical background with dates of birth and partissipants in this battle for Bremen - the Chief Prosecutor during these trials as an example -

and then decide whether Saxony's former kings were really that much of hated tyrants or if all this is still part of an set-up smear campaign to justify all what has been done.

Closing my remarks, as these trials were never intended to obay to any rule and as such were illegal and unjust to begin with, I request this High Court to deem them invalid, according to

Quote from: wiki, The Trial
NOTE: If the Prosecution or the Defense does not post within the expected time for a given step, the Judge MUST proceed to the next step in the process as soon as he can.
If the Judge does not post within 12 hours more then the expected time, the Punishment must take into account the longer restrain (the Defendant should not leave the Kingdom until the trial is closed) and will be reduced.
If the Judge does not post for more than 48 hours, then the Trial must be considered not valid.
If there is a suspicion that longer time has been voluntarily used, the trial could be considered unvalid by Supreme Court.

and demand instant release of all falsely accused and reparation for all the accused from the Kingdom of Saxony for unjustified restainment in full amount!

I thank you for your attention, Mylords.
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