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Re: [CLOSED]AZ: 1314/023 The people against Götz v.Berlichingen
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A letter arrives from Supreme Court.

"National Security Act says:

Any measures taken to destabilize, weaken, undermine or overthrow the legitimate Saxon government and/or administration as well as any action taken or neglegted in order to disturb the peace and/or internal security will be regarded as high treason and shall be prosecuted accordigly.

Gotz V Berlichingen imprisoned players from 10:29 to 10:34. Amnesty was published on 12:40 of the same day, therefore Judge Gotz was acting with respect of previous incriminations. For this reason Gotz V Berlichingen accusation is not valid.


- Gotz V Berlichingen needs to be released from prison and restrain and given at least 24 hours to leave the Kingdom of Saxony. if its not possible to cancel imprisonment transfer, Gotz will be set free where the prison is;
- No refund to Gotz is necessary as the restrain period did not last more than 168 hours (the total max duration of a trial is 144 hours, therefore is implied that the criminal can be restrained before; current rules atm do not specify the time limit to open a trial);
- Kingdom of Saxony is fined 2000 (overall) silver coins for various formal errors in all trials;
- Gotz V Berlichingen is fined by Administration 500 silver coins for being disrespectful towards the Court and the Judge plus 200 silver coins for the the following errors:

- case of Svatomir Brodnik, accused and declared guilty for crimes he ha no posibility to perform
- case of Martin Wagner, who was sent to prison of Pinsk without finished trial or final verdict
- case of violation of Codex of Trials for deminishing of fines for citizens under 90 days age.

Send all the coins to me before 21st Jan 12:45. The 250 coins will then be sent as a compensation to Svatomir Brodnik, Martin Wagner.

--Guglielmo Di Valenza