Author Topic: A knight resting at the tavern  (Read 993 times)

(RIP) James Wilson

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A knight resting at the tavern
« on: 11 January, 2015, 01:03:05 PM »
Captain James Wilson is laying down resting in the tavern in Krakow. As he lays there he thinks about the state of things in the world. Main the war with Kiev. To him it seems to be going nowhere and things just seem worse.  He begins to talk to himself in a low voice.

James Wilson: "I can't believe those Kiev %$#%^#@$ are getting away with starting another revolt. They can't beat us with troops so they just sneak into countries and just overthrow the governments there. How can the gods allow such tyrants to do so? Will Saxony become another puppet Kingdom like Lituania and Hungary? I hope not. It doesn't seem fair that people can be enemies of a kingdom. become citizens of that kingdom and just overthrow it like that. It's almost like some sort of abuse. But I guess that's just the way this world works. The tyrants can abuse the system and continue to oppress more lands and the most we can do is obey orders and hopefully we can do our best to contain the tyrants. I'm just so tired of all this though. It seems like all our work is for nothing and our allies don't seem to be very quick to take action."

James Wilson rolls over onto his side and takes a deep breath as he closes his eyes.

James Wilson: "Something better change soon."

James Wilson then drifts off to sleep.

(OOC: I hope I put this in the right place. My first RP on here)