Author Topic: Letter of the Summus Pontifex to all the faithful  (Read 799 times)

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Letter of the Summus Pontifex to all the faithful
« on: 31 December, 2014, 05:03:55 PM »
31 december 1314, Holy See

Dear faithful,
during this last day of 1314 I write to thank You for all the love and support You have never failed to lend in the last few months. It's also my intention to talk to You about what it has been done and what we're going to do in the next future.

Since my enthronement the Theologic Church is experiencing a profound renewal, after a period of stagnation that brought dismay and resignation in many faithful. As you have seen many of the religious structures have again a member of the clergy who practice the word of Teos and is attentive to the needs of his fellow citizens. This has led to an increase in initiations, to our great happiness: You can't imagine the joy we feel when a person becomes part of our big family, the family of Teos!
The initiations, for my will, do not involve any expense for the faithful, contrary to what happens in other places. Teos gives his love unconditionally, regardless of the assets owned! Teos does not teach us to treat others differently depending on how rich they are! In the light of His teachings every person wishing to become part of the Theological Church will be welcomed with open arms!
Similarly the doors of the Seminary is open to all who wish to take the path of faith. The Theological Church needs people to help bring the word of Teos everwhere, that help to convert those who have strayed from the true faith.
In this regard, in the light of the facts happened in Saxony, I speak to those who have given offense to Teos destroying the bishop's palace of Lueneburg and the parish of Bremen: you will never succeed in your attempt to bend the people of Teos! Make amends for sins and convert to the true faith! Abandon any ambition and deny the false belief that numbs your minds! Repent before your soul lies in front of Teos in the hour of doomsday! You still have time to save you from eternal damnation!

These days I and all the Cardinals gathered in Consistory to decide together what we will achieve in the coming months. I guarantee that the Theologic Church is alive, we have many plans for the future that we will announce in due course. In this regard, I invite all those who wish to give their contribution to make themselves available: one person may not do much, but the union of many can move mountains!

I conclude by thanking You for the love and support You have shown in recent months. I ask You to continue to stay there close with Your prayers so that the will of Teos will be accomplished.

We impart our Solemn Blessing,
May Teos bless and protect You and all Your loved ones.
Matteo II,
Summus Pontifex