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Re: shops
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Excellent work here..
I just add one note more that is VERY IMPORTANT in my opinion.

As most of you know...players are NOT allowed to own MORE than ONE workshop at all.
You can buy up to three or four personal homes...but no more than ONE workshop or FARM...

Of course this limit forces for more cooperation between citizen of one country...HOWEVER I found that if a region holds NO TAXES AT ALL you can buy houses or workshop and SELL THEM BACK AT FULL PRICE...
do you know what that means?

that you CAN in theory own ALL workshops..simply sell it and switch to a new one!!!!

Any Empire should then choose one of its regions to let its citizens practise such switch and be ready to produce stocks of some goods at NULL costs (only raw materials needed).

That would help many to at least replenish personal goods to face most needs without compromizing general economy
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